Ohyo Bag: Fits-All Bag

Ohyo Bag

The Ohyo Bag is one of the most innovative bags on the market. These bags are created to change with you throughout the day to fit every carrying need.

When you leave your house in the morning you may only need a bag the size of a tablet to hold keys, snacks, and small electronics. By lunch, you are running to a meeting and need a bag to carry your laptop. After work, you go to the store and need a grocery bag so you don‘t get charged a bag fee. After dinner, you want to bike to the gym with a backpack. The Ohyo can be it all – made versatile because of split rings, steel clips, and leather utility strips sewn into the design.

The smallest size is the book bag for books, wallet, & keys. There are also zip pockets and a shoulder strap.

Ohyo opens into the next size as a laptop bag by unclipping two steel clips and unfolding once. This is suitable for a bike bag, laptop bag, magazine or larger book carrier. Ohyo has integrated a zipped laptop pocket, and two velcro pockets. This bag can be worn with a single strap like a messenger bag, or with a few clips can become a backpack for the perfect daypack or schoolbag.

The largest size the Ohyo expands to is the tote which is best for shopping or longer travel. It has a shoulder strap and extra deep zippered pocket.

Ohyo‘s 4-in-1 bags are made of waterproof Cordura (colors available: charcoal,green, black) or soft highly waterproof canvas (color available: blue), which makes them the perfect bag for any weather condition.

Ohyo Bag color options

These bags were created by Felix Conran, a designer in London, so they promise to be high quality, durable, functional and fashionable.

Get your Ohyo bag today! The Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded so the products will be produced. Be one of the first in the world to experience the versatility of Ohyo. The Kickstarter will be funded on October 31, 2015, with orders shipping in December 2015.

– Carley

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