The Ohyo Collapsabottle Reusable Water Bottle

Ohyo Collapsabottle

If we ever decide to create a new category titled “And now for something completely different”, this is one product that would be a perfect fit. It’s not exactly the kind of item I’d pack in my 72 hour kit, but the Ohyo Collapsabottle, which is designed and manufactured in England, is certainly something I’d keep at work, and maybe a spare in my every day backpack.

Like some of the more interesting products we’ve covered, this one was created not because it’s designers wanted to get rich, but because they wanted to do something good for the environment. There’s no question at all that we need to reduce the use of disposable water bottles, and the Ohyo Collapsabottle meets that need in a rather unusual way. As the name implies, this BPA-free bottle collapses down, accordion-style for storage. Flip up the built-in straw, and you can extend it to hold up to 500ml of water or any other cold beverage. To give you an idea of how bad disposable bottles are for the environment, simply using the Ohyo Collapsabottle two times makes it carbon neutral. By the third time you drink water out of it, you’re not only rehydrating yourself, but you’re giving Mother Nature a break. As it’s been tested for 10,000 “squish cycles”, durability shouldn’t be a concern over the useful life of the product.

Ohyo Collapsabottle

With a little practice, I was able to expand my Ohyo Collapsabottle completely, but the first couple of tries, one of the middle sections refused to pop into place. Once it’s expanded, unscrew the wide mouth lid, fill, and drink. Sounds simple enough, although I felt like I was drinking out of an adult version of a sippy cup. The color options (blue, green, fuchsia, and white) and unusual shape didn’t go far towards convincing my coworkers that I hadn’t borrowed it from a child either, but once I demonstrated how convenient it was, they were won over. After use, flipping the straw back down plugs the hole in the lid, which in turn keeps the bottle from expanding on its own.

Any product that replaces single-use water bottles is a good product, as far as I’m concerned. The Ohyo Collapsabottle does have some quirks, but overall, it’s got enough going for it that I find it appealing. This is the sort of product you can keep in your car, desk, purse, backpack, or even bike pannier, and always have a bottle handy, without the usual bulk. Unlike the roll-up bottles, it’s dishwasher safe too. So if the design works for you, this is certainly an environmentally friendly option.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Ohyo Collapsabottle for free from Ohyo as coordinated by Deep Creek PR, an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company, in consideration for review publication.


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