OMATA: World’s First Analog GPS Speedometer

We are more than a little excited to share OMATA with our readers. Modern road cycling has seen some big advances in the tech that goes into our rides, from sophisticated carbon fiber layups, and proprietary blends in steel, aluminum, and titanium, to electronic shifting. All of these make for bikes that don’t just go fast, but some are like works of art on two wheels. OMATA takes the latest technology, and combines it with classic design, which gives us an entirely new category of GPS speedometers to complement these rides. You can check 5 cycling to read more gadget reviews.
The company debuts the world‘s first analog GPS speedometer with a display that will show speed, distance, ascent and time in an easy to see and read, classic form. On the inside of the speedometer is a GPS chip that records all the data we use to track our rides, and share on sites like Strava. This lets cyclists view the most important data in real time, and review the small details online, or on an app later.
Have a look at the OMATA One. It’s a thing of beauty. OMATA chose to show ride data in an analog form, and their choice is based on the science that analog dials reduce cognitive load. It’s made so that you think less about stats and numbers, and enjoy your ride more. OMATA‘s founders, Julian Bleecker and Rhys Newman believe, “Everything about your bike should be as pure, inspiring and beautiful as the ride itself. We are a team of ruthlessly dedicated and committed product makers who believe great design and meaningful products come more from what you leave out, rather than what you add in.”
OMATA One: Speed, Distance, Ascent, and Time, with GPS inside
OMATA One: Speed, Distance, Ascent, and Time, with GPS inside

They saw a void in what was available to cyclists, and came up with a modern, high tech tool that is a mix of product design, technology, and innovation. Some may call it a work of modern art as well. For the full details, you will want to click on the link to their Kickstarter, which has tech info, more pics, video of it in use, and a lot more than we can cover here. Of course, you can also ask the creators anything we left out too.

OMATA One: Choose from white or gray, MPH, or KPH
OMATA One: Choose from white or gray, MPH, or KPH



Created by a group of world-class designers, engineers, product makers and brand specialists who previously worked together at Nokia, the team behind OMATA now brings their product design and consumer electronics manufacturing expertise to the world of cycling. As a group of people who love the outdoors and love riding their bikes, OMATA believes that the best way to travel through the world is on a bike. Everything OMATA does or makes is committed to those rides and that feeling. Visit or email for more information.


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That’s pretty darn cool! By looking at it I would never imagine you could upload anything to Strava and such.

The retro feel will make all the hipsters glow with envy!

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