Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set

I love cheese, so I was pretty stoked to get the Cheese Knife and Fork Set from Opinel. This set includes a fixed blade knife distinctly Opinel in style, and a stainless fork. Yes, they’re known for their folding pocketknives, but when was the last time you saw a folding cheese knife? It doesn’t need to fold, as the fork is also a handy stand for it.

Although Opinel doesn’t state what kind of steel it is, the blade is stainless, and takes a nice edge. Attractive beech with a clear finish is used for the handle. Note that it’s sustainably harvested wood, grown in Europe. Both it and the fork look classic, yet the simplicity is timeless. It’s said that good taste never goes out of style, or something like that. And this set wouldn’t look out of place in a farmhouse 70 years ago. Nor does it look odd in our modern kitchen. I like it.

Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set
Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set, with fork as stand

There are two kinds of cheeses I prefer. First, the medium cheddar I use for my jalapeno quesadillas. This comes in a large block, and has to be cut to a specific thickness. Too thin, and the cheese melts before the peppers can cook a bit. Too thick, and the tortilla burns before the cheese melts. Next, a nutty Swiss, usually served on wheat-free crackers. Thickness is important here too, to balance the flavor of the cracker. You might wonder if I’m over-thinking my food, and you’d be partly right. But I have some food sensitivities, which limits a lot of what I can eat. So I take a little extra care in preparing my snacks and meals.

When the Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set arrived, I set out to test it. Out of the box, it was sharp, and cut well with not too much pressure. Overall length is about 10 inches, of which half is the blade. That’s just about right for this sort of kitchen work. Short enough for a bit of detail carving, and not so long it’s unwieldy. I had bought a large block of my favorite Swiss, and sliced off thin slivers, long strips, and thick chunks for blocks. While it looked like I was getting ready for a fancy dinner party, it really was just prep for a few days. Later, I made the snacks shown below.

Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set
Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set – snack time!

There’s not a lot that can be said about a cheese knife and fork. They either work, or they don’t. But like many things, we don’t just buy them for their utility. Opinel offers their Cheese Knife and Fork Set at $45. Could you buy a different set for less? Sure, all day long. Would you get the same style? Nope. What about the rich French history of Opinel, a company started in 1890? Yeah, you wouldn’t get that either. Opinel knives have been used on cheese blocks, grape vines, and bread loaves for over 120 years. A simple tool for the working class, yet in a class all their own.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for someone that enjoys cheese, this set is worth checking out. It even comes in a nice gift box. And if you’re throwing a party or two this year, this Cheese Knife and Fork Set will dress up your table. Or you can just enjoy it year ’round, like I plan on doing. If the Opinel style appeals to you, check out their website. They have dozens of knives in all sizes and colors. More great gift ideas, or get one (or three, they’re priced nice) for yourself. Opinel-USA.com

Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set
Opinel Cheese Knife and Fork Set

Thanks to Opinel for providing their Cheese Knife and Fork Set for this review. Never have I felt so classy while cutting the cheese.

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