Optic Nerve Sunglasses (40% Off November 23-26th)

Although I feel as though I’ve been a bit slack lately, it’s worked to my advantage. Taking forever to review a pair of socks meant I got to test them out in the snow, rather than just cold weather. And here I am about to share my opinion of the Optic Nerve Omnium sunglasses, when I notice that for their Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale, they are offering a whopping 40% off. Timing. I has it.

Now, it’s not my job to convince you to go and buy a pair or two. I’m going to be straight up and tell you about the company, and then I’ll tell you what I think of their glasses. My opinion, sprinkled with some facts. And when I’m done, you might decide that Optic Nerve is a company you want to do business with. Why? Because they have this crazy business model. They design eyewear that looks good, performs great, and is affordable. They treat employees like family, look after the environment, and donate some of their profits to really good causes. What really appeals to me is that they don’t spend a ton of money sponsoring pro athletes or buying full page ads in glossy magazines. Because cash for that comes out of our pockets. One of the reasons the major brand sunglasses are so expensive is because we’re subsidizing athlete’s salaries with each purchase. At Optic Nerve, they’d rather make their products to the same high quality standards, but sell them to every day athletes and outdoor enthusiasts like you and me at prices we can actually afford. A risky proposition in this competitive market, but one that’s worked for them for almost 25 years.

Optic Nerve Omnium sunglasses

Which brings us to their Omnium sunglasses. These specs have a sporty wraparound shape that’s popular with cyclists as they offer protection from the sun as well as the wind. Fact: they weigh .7 ounces, or 20 grams, on my digital scale. That’s great news for weight weenies, but really, having lightweight glasses is just more comfortable. (If you see a different weight published on their website, keep in mind that it should be corrected shortly) The bridge rest (that little bit that sits on your nose) is fully adjustable for a good fit, and is constructed of Tactilite rubber that grips well even when you’re playing hard. Although there’s no fancy rubber on the temples, they fit well against my head, with even pressure, and no slippage. Combined with the light weight, they offer unobtrusive protection for your eyes. Another feature not normally found on sunglasses with a $49 retail price is a second pair of lenses. Fact: Smoke and copper lenses were included, along with a little pouch, and they were very easy to swap. You get the same lenses whether you buy the black or shiny metallic grey. If you happen to leave some fingerprints behind, wipe them off with the microfiber carrying pouch that’s included with the glasses.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that reviewing sunglasses is pretty much a matter of putting them on and going outside. Don’t look at the sun, don’t get poked in the eye. And that’s what I did with these. Cycling, driving, sitting in a folding chair drinking a beer. My wife actually wore them home from Interbike, and borrowed them after an eye surgery as well. She liked the fit, and commented on the light weight too. At work, I showed them around and asked my co-workers to guess how much they cost. No one came close, and most were surprised at the price. Optical performance was better than expected for the price too. At under $50, they’re value-priced without feeling cheap. With the sale that starts tomorrow, they’re unbeatable at $30. Optic Nerve also offers polarized and photochromatic lenses, in a variety of frames. If you’re in the market for new sunglasses or goggles, better head over to opticnerve.com soon.

– Brian


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