I’ve seen some pretty negative feedback lately over some of the ads served up on BikeForums.net.

Sure, kitty litter, Saturns, and a dating site for motorcyclists really have no place on the site. But if cyclists have an arch nemesis on the road, it’s the Hummer. Poor visibility, environmentally unsound, and usually piloted by the “Conspicuous consumption crowd” types, the Hummer owner is the antithesis of cyclists. And it looks like another blogger was able to capture one of the worst ads ever, while browsing mobile.

Site members and visitors are not the most likely demographic for Hummer accessories…

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I don’t know; I see an awful lot of mountain bikes getting hauled to the trailhead on pickup trucks and large SUVs. I don’t think I’ve seen any Hummers per se, but it probably fits the demographic to some extent.

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