Outdoor Demo – with photos

The outdoor demo was hot, dry, and loads of fun. You could take a shuttle up to the top of the downhill course, or ride the trails on a XC bike, or even try out a new road bike on the 35 mile loop. An excellent opportunity for dealers and dedicated enthusiasts to throw a leg over just about any bike available. Vendors of suspension, brakes, tires, and other components were also offering bikes outfitted with their products for test rides.

It was like one big outdoor party for cyclists. I’ll do some more comprehensive posting about it later, in the meantime, I uploaded some photos. Props go out to BeBop for thrusting a bottle of water into the hands of everyone that walked by, as well as PowerBar, who apparently supplied 225 gallons of endurance and recovery drinks. The kings of hospitality were Protec for their cold beer and water, along with chips, hot dogs, and bratwurst. I enjoyed this in the cool comfort of the Xtracycle Airstream trailer, with a complimentary cold Fat Tire. Their little corner of the show was an oasis from the pervasive dust and heat.

Some photos have been uploaded, and I’m getting ready to head into the show. More to come.

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