Outdoor Research Men’s Ignitor Tee

Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee
Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee

The Ignitor Tee from Outdoor Research has a lot going for it as a base layer . First and foremost, it is the most comfortable base layer I have ever worn! When I tried on the Ignitor Tee for the first time I noticed how silky soft it felt. I wear it often and it is my first choice for trail running, jogging, trekking, and I even wear it to play basketball because it is effective and just so comfortable to wear. Another key part of that comfort is achieved by the design choice to use flat-seam stitches. It doesn’t sacrifice anything for that comfort as it still has the ability to wick, breathe, and dry quickly as all great technical layers do.

Of course, the Ignitor Tee comes in many different fabric colors that give it a great earthy look. It is made of 100% polyester that is 100% pleasant to wear. The polyester is very flexible and allows for freedom of movement. It is also super light and you may experience as I did that you can barely recognize you’re wearing it at all. As I took the Ignitor Tee out on many of the various activities I participated in this past season, there are a few features that I wanted to point out that set this technical layer apart from the others. I do a lot of training at night when it is dark; there is reflective trim and logos on the Ignitor Tee that help keep me visible and it is just a smart addition. One of the other features is the silver-treated fabric which kept it from holding as much odor as some other technical layers I’ve used. If you’ve worn one of those other layers you know exactly what I mean. Included on the back is a hip pocket designed for holding keys, ID, or an MP3 player which is helpful if you don’t have pockets on your shorts or need another spot to put those items. It isn’t large enough to fit a phone, but anything less than the size of a credit card fits easily.

The Ignitor Tee proves time after time to be outstanding in performance as it keeps me dry and improves my overall experiences through any activity I participate in. You can find the Ignitor Tee on the Outdoor Research website: www.outdoorresearch.com.

– Josh

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Men’s Ignitor Tee for free from Outdoor Research in consideration for review publication.

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