Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Favorites – Electronics

On Monday we shared some of the brands and products that really got our attention at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held last week in Salt Lake City. Not to be outdone by all the other sites reporting on the show, we figured we better give some press to a few more companies that are shaking things up.

Perhaps the biggest news in electronics is a product that isn’t quite available yet, but holds a great deal of promise not just for adventure-seeking outdoor folks, but those prepping for emergencies, and foreign aid workers. Potable Aqua showed us the Potable Aqua PURE™Electrolytic Water Purifier, which uses nothing more than table salt and a bit of water (plus some clever technology) to purify water. About the size of a business card, but much thicker, this device can treat one to 20 liters of water at a time. It’s got a battery that can be charged via a USB port, and even has a solar cell on one side, in case USB isn’t available. Follow a few simple steps, and it’s possible to inactivate all the nastiness we might find in questionable water, including viruses, bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It kills 99.9% of those microorganisms and needs no pre-filtering, pumping or stirring.

Bicycle safety is always a hot topic for us. Nite Ize has plenty of lighting options so you can be seen in low light conditions, but they also offer much more. In addition to a variety of lights, they have carabiners, reusable twist ties, phone cases, and even light-up flying discs. Our favorites were the Inova STS Swipe To Shine headlamp, which is controlled by a simple swipe of the finger, and the HandleBand, which is a universal Smart phone mount for your bicycle. Not only is it a great way to keep your phone handy, but it has a built-in bottle opener. They clearly know how to balance utility and fun across their product line.

If you’d rather just relax to your favorite tunes, the Wave and Splash portable Bluetooth speakers from nuu have you covered. While the smaller Splash is water and dust-proof, it’s the larger Wave that we’re most excited about. This fully submersible speaker floats and is extremely rugged. Although it’s probably a bit larger than you’d want for backpacking, the dual 10 watt drivers mean it’s ready to rock your campsite or next beach trip. If you’re after big sound in a portable package that’s safe for whatever the outdoors will throw at it, this may be the speaker you’re looking for.

Check back for more in-depth coverage on these products and other new gear for 2014.

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