Outer Impact Optic Mount for the CZ P-10 Series Pistols

The Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for CZ P-10 F (and C) Pistols solves two issues for owners of the non-optic-ready models. First, it allows the use of a pistol optic without having to send your slide out to be milled. Second, this red dot mount is compatible with more than two dozen different optics of varying footprints and mounting patterns. M.R.A., also expressed as MRA, stands for Modular Red Dot Adapter. That’s a huge plus for me, as they allow me to test a variety of optics, which is ideal if you have several on hand, as I do. They’re also handy if you’re not sure about running an optic, as you can try one out before committing to that slide cut.

Not just for race guns anymore

Red (or green) dot sights have been gaining in popularity for some time now. While they previously seemed to show up mostly on competition pistols, now they are common for EDC and home defense. The Outer Impact M.R.A. allows users to take full advantage of these compact optics. That includes faster target acquisition, which is beneficial in low-light and/or high-stress situations. Picking up a single dot is faster than aligning iron sights. And with both eyes open for aiming with a red dot sight, situational awareness is also enhanced. Pistol optics users can maintain a wider field of view compared to traditional iron sights.

Measure twice, cut once? Well, sort of

Versions of the CZ P-10 pistols are available “optics-ready”, but that’s not entirely accurate. You’ll still need to buy an adapter plate specific to the optic you want to mount. Change your mind, and want an optic with a different mount? That’s another $40 or more to swap out the adapter. And you’ve still got the extra height of that plate. In a perfect world, you would have your optic mounted directly to the slide. Milling a slide for a specific mount isn’t cheap though, running at least $100, and usually more. And then you’re stuck with a single mounting option. So you better like it.

Over two dozen optics fit the Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for the CZ P-10 F and C series pistols.
Over two dozen optics fit the Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for the CZ P-10 F and C series pistols.

The Outer Impact M.R.A. addresses these drawbacks and offers a versatile and cost-effective solution. Replacing the rear sight with this mount allows users to try out nearly every optic available today without any permanent modifications. At $59.95, it’s not going to break the budget either. Most users will probably find it perfectly acceptable as a permanent solution. If not, it certainly allows you to do your due diligence (“measure twice”) before committing to that slide cut.

Construction and package contents of the Outer Impact M.R.A.

Precision machined for a secure fit from lightweight billet 7075-T6 aluminum with a black anodized finish, the Outer Impact M.R.A. is attractive and durable. For further strength, the dovetail is machined from steel, and utilizes hardened steel alignment pins. Its height is just 0.24″, overall length is 2.19″, and it’s 1.06″ wide. Included in the package are well over a dozen different machine screws to accommodate mounting most optics. There are a few optics that may require specific hardware not included, and that is spelled out on the product page. Budget an extra $2.95 if your optic is one of those listed.


Installing the adapter is simple, but it’s critical to follow all the steps in order, to ensure proper fit. Once I verified that my CZ P-10 F was unloaded, I got to work. After loosening the set screw, my rear sight slid right out with a few taps on a punch. No sight pusher required. From there, I installed the dovetail for the adapter. Before mounting the adapter itself, the sight needs to be installed on it. This is done to make sure that the screws are not so long that they stick out the bottom. Do not skip this step! If they aren’t too long, then the sight can be removed and you can proceed to the next step.

Steel dovetail and alignment pins of the Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for the CZ P-10 F and C series pistols.
Steel dovetail and alignment pins of the Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for the CZ P-10 F and C series pistols.

Securing the sight adapter to the dovetail is done with the two provided screws. They should be torqued to 25 in/lbs, and blue threadlock is recommended. Following the mounting instructions from the previous step, make sure the alignment pins are in place. Then carefully torque the screws down to 12 in/lbs. That’s it. Using my laser bore-sighter, I generally do a quick zero. My preference is for a 15-yard zero, but it depends entirely on your application. Note that I chose a Viridian RFX25 for this pistol. It uses the Docter/Burris FastFire/Vortex Venom footprint.

Range time

With the sight mounted and ready to go, I hit the range. We were using this particular CZ P-10 F for testing a few other accessories, so it had a pretty good workout. To date, I have put a couple hundred rounds through it with no shift in point of impact. This doesn’t surprise me, as the Outer Impact mounts have been proven to hold zero over thousands of rounds. My optic does sit about 1/4 inch higher than it would in a dedicated slide cut, but this has not been an issue so far. For quick shots on steel spinners between 7 and 25 yards, it’s been great. This is a very accurate pistol, and the addition of an optic only improves that.  If I miss, it’s not due to the optic or the mount.

Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for the CZ P-10 F and C series pistols installed.
Outer Impact M.R.A. Red Dot Mount for the CZ P-10 F and C series pistols installed.


As mentioned above, the Outer Impact optic mounts are ideal for two types of enthusiasts. The first is those who just want to add an optic to their pistol lacking a cut. It’s an inexpensive way to accomplish that and doesn’t tie them to a single footprint or mount. That second group includes those who aren’t sure which optic they really want, and therefore need some flexibility. Utilizing the mount allows them to try a variety of options before sending out their slide for a cut. Even at $59.95, the mount is much less expensive than choosing the wrong cut.

When I bought my CZ P-10 F, the optics-ready version was about $80 more. Factor in a single adapter plate, and it’s at least $120 to add an optic. The most inexpensive slide cut I could find was $99. Is direct mounting better? Yes, but for my range gun, as opposed to an EDC, I’m not sure it’s worth the price difference. Downsides? Well, some may not like the logo, though it doesn’t bother me. And the height over bore could be an issue, although that also hasn’t been a concern for defensive distances. In other words, whether looking for a permanent solution, or just trying things out, this versatile and reliable Outer Impact optic mount is hard to beat. Find it on the Outer Impact website.

As always, I’d like to thank Outer Impact for providing their optic mount for my testing and evaluation. Solid products from a great company, with excellent customer service and support.

Have any of our readers tried this mount? If you prefer a dedicated slide cut, what are your thoughts on being able to try different optics first? Feel free to share below.

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