Pavepara: Garments for Flying Free

Pavepara Plume Scarf
Pavepara Plume Scarf

Pavepara is the ideal stocking stuffer for any woman with a love for the wilderness, fitness, & fashion.  I‘ve had the pleasure of flight-testing their Primary Plumage collection, which is full of lightweight layers and functional accessories to fit any lifestyle.

Chance Poe, the founder and lead designer for Pavepara, has over 20 years of wellness and adventure sport industry experience. She saw the need for clothing to evolve into gender specific sports wear, and has recognized that brands typically have fashion or fitness, rarely hitting home on both. With Pavepara, she wants to fill the niche in women‘s fitness wear by melding it into fashionably functional lifestyle apparel. The idea is for an all-in-one piece, to be able to wear in the office, out to dinner and then on a walk.

I was given four Primary Plumage collection pieces to try. I was able to test was the Soar Poncho. This piece is similar to a shawl, but is an over the head garment instead of a wrap. It is cut and sewn in a way that creates an elegant draping over the shoulders.  This piece is extremely versatile – from a more formal look evenly set on my shoulders, to a more relaxed and free feel with one side off the shoulder. For a made in the USA piece with an MSRP of $40, I found the Soar Poncho to be a stunning garment that has the ability to flatter any woman.

The second item was the Plume Scarf. I found this scarf to be an essential addition for almost any outfit and occasion.  The grace in which it can be used as a wrap to keep you warm, and then transform into an extremely versatile scarf is worth noting.  The MSRP is $25, and worth every penny.

Pavepara Soar Poncho
Pavepara Soar Poncho

The fabric for the Plume Scarf, as well as all Pavepara products is Italian Merino Wool. As you may or may not know, Merino Wool is naturally anti-microbial, sustainably harvested, and has properties that keep you cool or warm. Not to mention it holds color extremely well, as seen in the rich colors used by Pavepara. None these properties are found in cotton garments that are riddled with pesticides.

Finally, I was given my own pair of wings to fly with the Wings Arm Warmers (MSRP $40) and the Alula Arm Warmers (MSRP $30). I was a little skeptical about these as this type of garment is not generally my style. The Wings are a full-length shoulder to hand fit, while the Alula (Latin for winglet) are a shorter elbow to hand length. Both have comfortable thumb holes that transform them into hand warmers as well.  I found my Wings especially wonderful on hikes! They are so easy to roll on or carry in a bag/pocket, the convenience of having sleeves on demand is amazing. The upper parts of both sleeves have elastic that is sewn between the outer wool and a strip of extremely soft fabric which alleviates any worry about chafing. There was a great attention to detail on the fit of these pieces in order to make them both fashion and functional, as I forget I have them on whether in the office out on the town, or on the trail.

The only critiques I have would be to add a tag that says the company name or logo to the product so the woman new to flying can show off her plumage and pass along the name. Also, making the thumbholes slightly larger to accommodate ladies with larger hands such as myself. Finally, perhaps making a version of the arm warmers without the thumbholes, as it is not everyone‘s style to wear apparel with that type of look.

Pavepara‘s line of Primary Plumage bird theme comes from Chance‘s background in conservation.  All pieces have been named after birds and habitats because bird watching is popular as a national pastime: it‘s free, you can do it anywhere, and it provides a sense of purpose and place. This company has dedicated itself to integrity and transparency in their business model. In fact, Pavepara is modeled after, and hopes to become a B-Corporation, which are based around the concept of creating a material positive impact on society. Of all profits, Pavepara gives 2% to Bird Alliances such as the Audubon Society, as the company strongly believes they are the leader in movements for wilderness protection.

What‘s next for this soaring company? Chance is in the process of expanding her wings with a clothing line made by a Denver based design and sewing group that will be themed the Birds of the Grand Canyon. For a grassroots brand started by a woman who taught her self to sew, launched their first product on Kickstarter, took it on as a personal challenge to find the best material, uses local sources & labor, and be so dedicated to give back, Pavepara is truly a brand I can get behind. I wear their plumage with pride!

– Carley

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