Pedego Electric Bicycles

Normally, when I see “Electric Bicycle”, I try to stifle a yawn. So when an email from Pedego showed up in my inbox, I quickly prepared myself for another boring email about some silly, overweight, over-styled “design exercise” that only six people are ever going to express interest in. Too many times, an electric bike ends up being a battery-powered moped or scooter, with a battery pack and drivetrain adding so much weight that only Lou Ferrigno (Google him, kids) could ever hope to pedal it up the smallest of inclines. The kind where if the battery dies, you need to call a cab. Or a tow truck.

Hey, I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

A quick look at their site shows that they have some pretty nice offerings, and the bikes themselves appear to be rideable, with or without electric assistance.  I’ll try to provide a full report after Interbike.

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Andrea Cortez

Hard to tell that’s an electric bike! Looking forward to your review.

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