Pedego – making electric-assist cool and fun!

So while I was at Interbike, I got to take a closer look at the Pedego line of electric-assist bicycles. They offer traditional style cruisers, step-through models, folders, and even a tandem.

While they all sport a fairly large battery, as well as a hub motor, they’re designed so that neither jumps out at you, screaming “ELECTRIC BIKE”. Quite the opposite – with the exception of the folders, you might not even realize that they’re anything but really cool looking cruisers. With some classic color combos as well as a few modern touches, they could even be passed off as a fashion accessory. Either way, they definitely look fun, especially when you add in the optional Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tire option. While they weigh in around 60lbs, that’s not such a huge penalty over something like an Electra cruiser. It can be pedaled comfortably on flat ground without any assist.

The key demographic doesn’t appear to be existing cyclists, but those that want something suitable for slower paced, or shorter weekend rides, or maybe a short trip to work or the market, without the worry of running out of human steam halfway home.

Comments welcome.

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