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I should start a new post category, and call it “Guy stuff”. That’s not meant to be sexist in any way, I just don’t think most women get excited about tools you can carry around in your pocket and show off to your friends. Either way, PocketToolX would certainly fit in that category.

They’re a line of small, cleverly crafted tools for simple tasks. While the bulky Leatherman and SOG portray their wares as “fix anything” MacGyver-style tools, PocketToolX currently offers five designs, each subscribing to a “Less is more” design theory. Here they are, listed in order of price.

Minispoke: A 7 gram titanium spoke wrench for 3.23mm, 3.30mm, and 3.45mm nipples, which are three of the most common sizes. A 1/4″ hex cutout also allows you to use any 1/4″ driver available, of which there are probably hundreds.  $9

Brewzer: A surgical stainless beer tool. Yes, beer tool. I have a beverage wrench, so I see no problem with calling it a beer tool. Besides the expected bottle opener, you can scrape and pry with it, (keep in mind it’s only 2.45″ long) and tighten flat head screws. Functionality is increased by turning it counterclockwise to loosen flat head screws, and the pointed tip comes in handy when you need to shotgun some PBR. No college student should be without one. $19-$24

Snapper: Another stainless tool, this one manages to squeeze three box wrenches, a phillips screwdriver, and a combination flat head/mini scraper, all into a 1″x2″, 28 gram package. And yes, it has a bottle opener too. $29

Piranha: With the ability to loosen (or tighten – these are highly functional tools) five metric and six standard nut sizes, this tool has a lot going for it. But we’re not done yet. The neoprene bit holder includes a double-ended screwdriver head which fits into the 1/4″ hex socket. You can replace that bit with another one of your choosing, such as allen or torx wrenches. There’s also a flat surface for prying. Naturally, a bottle opener is included. $49-$59

Mako Bike Tool: Weight weenies rejoice – a titanium bike tool! Ok, it only weighs 19 grams, but bits make it quite porky at 45 grams. Still, you get 14g and 15g spoke wrenches, five metric box wrenches, and the ability to carry four or eight hex bits. Included hex bits are phillips, 5mm and 6mm allen, and the T25, which means this is aimed squarely at the disc-equipped MTB owner. Of course, you can swap out whatever bits you want. Finally, you guess it – a bottle opener.  $69

All the tools are designed and manufactured in the US, and every effort has been made to make them TSA compliant. So if you leave them in your pocket as you’re getting on a plane, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get to keep them. Until some fool hijacks a plane with one. Oh, they’re all offered with a 12 month warranty, but when we’re talking about hardened stainless and aerospace titanium tools, the warranty probably shouldn’t be an issue.

Bookmark this page, so you can find it when doing your “dads and grads” shopping this June.

This post and related comments can also be found on Twospoke.com

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