Polar Bottle Commits to Saving the Polar Bear with Latest Benefit Bottle

Polar Bottle Company Polar Bears International Benefit Bottle
Polar Bottle Company Polar Bears International Benefit Bottle

Boulder, CO ‘” After 19 years sporting a polar bear as its unofficial company mascot, Polar Bottle is honoring its relationship to the endangered species by committing to help protect it.

In conjunction with International Polar Bear Day today, Polar Bottle has launched a Polar Bears International Benefit Bottle ‘” the latest addition to the company‘s line of benefit bottles supporting local, national and international non-profits.

The bottle, which will be sold exclusively on www.polarbottle.com, will support the preservation efforts of Polar Bears International ‘” the world‘s leading polar bear conservation group. For every $14.99 24-ounce bottle sold, Polar Bottle will donate $5 to the organization‘s research, education and advocacy efforts.

“Partnering with Polar Bears International is such a perfect fit for us,” said Polar Bottle President Judy Amabile. “As a brand, we have always been connected to the polar bear and as a company we are committed to fostering the sustainability efforts that are key to ensuring it is protected.”

Every year, millions of tons of single-use plastic bottles end up in landfills and oceans around the globe. Amabile explained that Polar Bottle hopes to help reverse this unfortunate legacy by encouraging people to ditch bottled water in favor of reusable water bottles. Producing in the United States from locally sourced parts, she added, also minimizes environmental impact as it reduces shipping and ensures that all materials comply with U.S. environmental regulations.

Polar bears, according to Polar Bears International, are one of the most threatened species on the planet and are in the most immediate peril from climate change and pollutants. Assuring the survival of this important species, the organization says, is a key component to the entire environmental movement.

The patented Polar Bottle water bottle features an insulating layer between two walls of plastic, so it keeps liquids cool twice as long as other water bottles. The Made in America bottle fits standard bike water bottle cages and features a convenient, removable carrying strap. All Polar Bottle products are, and always have been, BPA-free and Phthalate-free.

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