Polar Bottle® Debuts New and Improved Camo Bottle Designs

Boulder, CO ‘” Addressing feedback from customers regarding the effectiveness of the camouflage in its Limited Edition Camo Water Bottle, Polar Bottle® has added several new features to the 20oz bottle. The updates, Polar Bottle designers expect, will greatly improve the bottle‘s ability to hydrate hunters and athletes without sacrificing the camouflage of the rest of their gear.

The camo bottle, temporarily available on www.polarbottle.com for half off the standard $10.99 price, was originally built with the standard white inner plastic bottle and white Polar Bottle cap. It now features a “chive green” inner bottle and solid black cap.

Polar Bottle camo bottles

The changes, Polar Bottle President Judy Amabile explained, were inspired by comments from several Polar Bottle customers and hunting enthusiasts.

“We kept hearing from customers that the white in the old design made the bottle stand out too much during hunting excursions,” Amabile said, explaining that, along with being an overall attractive design, the camo bottles were intended to work as a camouflaged hydration accessory for hunters, fishermen, etc.

“We wanted to make a product that was not just cool looking, but that customers could actually use for its original purpose,” Amabile said. “So, we listened to the feedback and tweaked the design.”

Along with updating the camo bottle design, Polar Bottle has also added a new solid-colored 20oz Hunter‘s Green Water Bottle ‘” featuring the same green inner and black cap ‘” to its line of limited edition bottles. Both bottles are available exclusively on the Polar Bottle website www.polarbottle.com.

The 50% off sale on the new bottles, Polar Bottle executives hope, will encourage customers to try out the new designs and, in turn, offer the company feedback on the effectiveness of the updates. Customers are encouraged to connect with the Polar Bottle crew through email (info@polarbottle.com) or by phone (303-440-0358).

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Adeline Bash

Thank you for helping spread the word about the new designs! We are so excited about these new bottles.

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