Popsockets – a Phone’s Best Friend

Like many people, I almost didn’t give the Popsocket a second look the first time I encountered one. That flat plastic disc on the back of a phone doesn’t look like much. It would be easy to dismiss it. Of course that would be a huge mistake. Not that I want to jump on the bandwagon, but the truth is, you’ll want one. Whether you realize it or not, this is the one accessory everyone needs for their phone.

Yeah, that’s a bold claim, but it’s a valid one. According to Google, at least 36% of the people reading this review are doing it on a mobile phone. If that’s you, there’s a good chance you have a phone with a 5 or 6 inch screen. Even with my big hands, that’s not comfortable for more than a few minutes at a time. Unless you have a Popsocket on the back. Then you could hold your phone all day, with no worries.


That’s because the Popsocket sticks to the back of your phone, and lays flat most of the time. But when you need to hold your phone, or prop it up, it’s there for you. Each one is made up of three parts. First, there’s the platform, which is the part that sticks to your phone. Then there is the accordion, which lets it expand and contract. Finally, there is a disc, which allows for about a million customization options. Popsockets offers solids, patterns, images, and even the ability to customize one with your own artwork or image. Even the accordion and platform have different color options.

Installing your Popsocket is as easy as choosing the location, peeling the cover off the adhesive, and applying to your device. Use one Popsocket for phones, tablets, readers, or small gaming consoles. Or, combine two for better stability, plus cable management for your headphones. For your convenience, you can remove and reapply it several times, as long as a bit of care is used. Once installed, you can text, email, watch videos, play games, and take photos with ease. It simply makes your device easier to handle, and easier to stand up.

Here’s a short video showing it in action. A lot of action.

From the day I got my sample Popsocket for review, I have answered dozens of questions about it. At work, I get asked several times each week what that thing is on the back of my phone. When I demonstrate it, I don’t feel like I’m doing the work of a Popsocket sales person. Rather, I feel like I’m showing someone how to make their phone a little bit more handy. Sure, there are cases with stands. But they only add bulk to your phone, and don’t address the issue of comfort while holding your phone.
So how much does this awesome low-tech cost? Well, the MSRP is only $10. That makes it a great stocking stuffer, or an inexpensive but much-appreciated gift any time of year. Find them at Popsockets.com, or get yours on Amazon.


I’d like to thank Popsockets for providing their product for this review. It really has made my Nexus 6 much more manageable.


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