PrideSports Golf Club Cleaning Brush

PrideSports Golf Club Cleaning Brush
PrideSports Golf Club Cleaning Brush

When it comes to reviews of high tech gear for outdoor sports, we don’t hold back. So when we saw the PrideSports Golf Club Cleaning Brush, we knew this was a product we had to share with our readers. Sure, we can go on about cycling shoes with carbon fiber soles, titanium stoves for cooking meals while camping, or tents that weigh next to nothing. But we know that deep down, instead of riding with your MTB buddies to that Mexican restaurant, camping with your family, or bagging a few peaks, you really want to spend your precious time knocking a ball into 18 little cups on a well-groomed lawn.

Some might dismiss this tool as lacking in purpose or features. But at the end of its plastic handle, you’ll find both a nylon and brass brush. On the same tool! The nylon side is for cleaning your shoes so you don’t leave a trail of grass and soil on the floor at the country club. That would be poor form. The brass side is for enhancing performance. Use it to clean the grooves on the face of your ball-hitting stick. It’s been proven that less dirt will improve your chances of getting that ball closer to the cup, with less hits needed to get it into the cup. And despite the fact that our readers run trails, camp on mountains, and sleep in hammocks strung between trees, we know that they really don’t like dirt, or getting dirty. So keep your shoes, stick, and balls cleaner with this one handy tool.

Another review mentioned that there is a big-name version of this tool, selling for twice as much. Well, the price on Amazon was $4.77 at the time of publication (Please be sure to see the date of this review), and we agree that it makes no sense to spend the extra money, when the same quality and performance can be had for a much better price. So don’t delay. Get yours on Amazon today!

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