A Public Service Announcement

A colleague sent a link to this video, and I realized that while it’s a bit (ok, very) over the top, the message is worth repeating. Even though bicycles can be much more nimble in traffic, they are still subject to the rules of the road. Red means stop. Green means go. If you run a red light, you’re not just breaking the law, but putting yourself at great risk. A red light in city traffic is not the same as a stop sign on a country road. Yes, the law requires that you stop for both. And I suppose they present different hazards. But breaking the law makes all cyclists look bad, as we frequently get painted with one broad brush by motorists. That’s not to say that motorists are innocent. But keep in mind that when you’re out on your bicycle, it’s you and two wheels vs vehicles weighing at least a ton, and usually much more. Cyclists don’t usually fare well in accidents, and putting yourself at extra risk is rarely worth the few seconds you might gain. So ride safe, watch for opposing traffic, anticipate left hooks, steer clear of opening doors, and don’t put yourself in extra danger.

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