PUR – Footwear With A Conscience

How’s this for a shoe company’s philosophy? 

“Put into a shoe only what needs to be there.  Keep the materials as earth friendly as possible.  Impact our planet as little as we can.”

This is accomplished by PUR with their very simple ingredients list: Vegetable tanned low impact leathers, recycled board, natural crepe rubber soles, latex foam cushioning, and thread.

The result, according to PUR: “PUR footwear becomes instantly broken in as there are no counters, toe puffs, hard arches, liners or adhesives to restrict the foot. The vegetable tanned leather conforms, breathes and moves with the foot for ultimate comfort.

We recently had an opportunity to check out this line of footwear, and came away quite impressed. The collection has a very natural, earthy vibe to it, and yet they’re just as well suited for a casual office environment as they are for a stroll outdoors. Pair them with khakis, jeans, or shorts for a stylish, relaxed look. Speaking of relaxed, the vegetable tanning and simple construction do indeed make for an exceptionally comfortable shoe. The samples we handled were unusually supple for a new shoe, with soft leather and a gently flexing sole. There’s no doubt that they’ll be comfortable the moment you put them on, with no break-in required. Perfect for the active lifestyle.

The current lineup includes three shoes for the men’s collection, and four in the women’s. Here’s a couple more from each line:

If you’re looking for footwear that combines environmental awareness with comfort and understated flair, check out PUR Footwear.

– Brian

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