Q&A With Baffin CEO Paul Hubner

Paul Hubner, CEO of Canada’s Baffin brand of footwear (and now apparel) took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of his planned trip this March across Baffin island with his sons, as mentioned in this article. We’re impressed not only by his products, but that he plans to personally put them to the test on this trip. That speaks volumes about his confidence in their new line of polar wear. Read below to learn a bit more about Paul and the future of Baffin.

– Brian

Q. You‘ve got some pretty impressive expeditions under your belt. Were they all done in the name of R&D, or would you have still done them if you were CEO, of say, a Canadian brewing company?

A. Definitely the R&D is important, however I really love the expeditions on a personal level. If I was not in the industry I would still pursue the polar challenges, however it would obviously be a little more difficult than it is in my present situation.

Q. Now that Baffin can equip the adventurer head to toe for a trip to the farthest or highest point on the planet, what next?

A. Continuous improvement! Our goal at Baffin is to lead the industry and the way we can do that is to continually take advantage of new technologies as well as listening to the polar community for their suggestions of ways to make our product better. Also, if we identify outdoor activities that aren‘t polar but can benefit by a new product (like our Trail to Rapid series) we will go there too.

Q. Baffin has facilitated more comfortable access to extreme climates that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. What have they done to help preserve the environment for future generations?

A. Baffin is very careful in ensuring our sourcing is responsible. We offer to recycle used Baffin rubber boots; we donate to Polar Bears International as well as the Conservation Alliance, which both help in protecting our wildlife and wild lands.

Q. Spring break in the U.S. means hitting the beach for many college kids. You‘re taking your sons on a trek across frozen tundra. Will they continue “Living the brand” and sharing your sense of adventure after this trip?

A. I believe so. My sons have already been to the North Pole with me (the 2 oldest by ski and the youngest by helicopter) as well they have all participated in Northward Bound programs at their schools and the youngest has been on a full dogsled expedition. They are really looking forward to this one!

Q. North Pole, South Pole, Baffin Island, and Everest Base Camp. Have you considered someplace where you could get away with shorts, a t-shirt, and some Baffin Amazons?

A. For sure. I would love to see all of our planet, the hot and the cold, the wet and the dry. I enjoy kayaking and use the Amazons with great success. Baffin will move forward for extremes at any latitude.

Q. With all the innovative products developed under your tenure, which are you most proud of?

A. Our inner boot system. It has been the foundation of our polar products and it was such a huge departure from the traditional felt liner. It‘s amazing how many copies there are out there now. The copies may look similar but the actual liners are a huge step below from a quality standpoint and their warmth and comfort functionality.

Q. What‘s left on your bucket list?

A. Everest would be great, however I enjoy climbing where the length of time away is less committing.


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frank hughes

wow how interesting it was to read about baffin and its products i actually met paul and his wife and son in ST.ANDREWS SCOTLAND AND I THOUGHT THERE IS MORE TO THIS GUY THAN MEETS THE EYE AND THERE IS LOVELY FAMILY AND GOOD GUY.

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