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When trying to explain RAM Mounts to a friend, I finally hit on the perfect explanation. They’re for when you want to mount anything to something else. And by anything, I mean just about anything. That could be your phone, tablet, camera, GPS, laptop, or even just a drink holder. With RAM Mounts, you can mount them to your car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, and more. We got a few of the more common ones to test, but this is just a drop in the RAM Mount bucket.

RAM Mount X-Grip and camera mounts
X-Grip phone mount on top, and the three components to the camera mount below.

The majority of mounts are built around three components. First, you have the mount itself. This could be adjustable arms to hold your phone, or a platform with a 1/4″-20 stud or GoPro-style mount for your camera. It generally has a ball on the bottom. Next, you have an arm with sockets on either end, which fits that ball. Finally, there is the end attachment point. Depending on the application, this could be a suction cup, bolt-on clamp, or claw-type clamp. There are more, but we’re just covering a few. Your device and application dictates which mounts you need.

X-Grip phone mount on my fat bike
X-Grip phone mount on my fat bike

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I’m sure the phone mount is one of the most popular. Starting with their X-Grip® Phone Holder, we added the RAM® Torque™3/4″-1″ diameter handlebar/rail base with 1″ ball. That includes a medium arm. Once bolted in place, it doesn’t move a bit. Total overkill on my mountain bike, but added security on my motorcycle. After you loosen the knob on the arm, you can twist and swivel to get your phone angled just right. Plus, an optional tether was included. This die-cut rubber tether goes around the back of the mount, and grabs your phone at the corners. Get your Strava stats on your next ride, or navigate with your favorite GPS app.

Camera mount on my commuter bike
Camera mount on my commuter bike

Next, we tried out their camera mount. Since my GoPro mysteriously disappeared, I got the 1/4″-20 stud with 2.5″ aluminum platform. Yeah, that’s sturdy enough for a smaller DSLR. At the end of the arm, is a RAM Tough-Claw™mount. No tools are required for this install. If you check the underside of nearly every camera today, you’ll find a 1/4″-20 tripod socket. I just threaded my little Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera onto it, and off I went. In hindsight, this would have been a better test on my fat bike. Bad roads, this camera, and Harley Davidson suspension don’t make for good video. But that was more the camera, as GoPro footage shot in the past came out great. In other words, choose your combination carefully.

RAM Mount Level Cup™drink holder, with koozie
Yeah, this totally happened. Works best with non-carbonated beverages.

Finally, I tried out the RAM Mount Level Cup™drink holder, with koozie. Much like a gimbal mount, this drink holder moves on a side- to-side and fore and aft axis. Attached directly to the Tough-Claw™mount, it is far more useful than you might think at first glance. How so? Well, it’s popular with touring motorcyclists for keeping a water bottle handy. Mount it to your stroller to keep a baby bottle within reach. Uneven sand under your beach chair is no match for this deluxe drink holder. And sure enough, I enjoyed a beverage while mowing my lawn. Dad always said to think outside the box.

In using just these few items, it was easy to see how flexible the system is. I could swap the clamp for the claw if I needed a portable solution. Or stick with the clamp for extra security. And there are so many other mounts, I wouldn’t know where to start. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the RAM Mount line. When I checked the site, there were 5038 items. Combined, that’s a lot of mounting options. If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season, hook someone up with a mount for their favorite equipment and activity. I’m sure RAM Mounts will have just what you need.

One last thing. All RAM Mounts products sport those three words we love so much. Made in USA. The factory, their R&D, plus their office staff, are located in Seattle. So when they want to try a new design or product, they don’t have it made half way around the world, then wait for delivery to they can evaluate it. Which nearly always results in faster testing and production. Best of all, they back their products with a lifetime warranty. Check them out at RAMMount.com.


I’d like to thank the folks at RAM Mounts for providing the different products for this review. Usually, three items is a comprehensive review for us. Of course, in this case, it just barely starts to tell the story.

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