Real Kids Shades – Not Just For Overprotective Parents

Real Kids Shades Infant Shades Navy 0-24 months

Most of us have probably known a helicopter parent or two, always hovering over their kids (some of us may actually be one).  While trying to protect children is obviously not a bad thing, keeping them from having fun, exploring the outdoors, and becoming independent because we are afraid of them getting boo-boos is definitely bad.  That’s why products that encourage outdoor activities while keeping kids safe are so important, for normal parents and otherwise.  Unfortunately, most people (even many helicopter parents) are overlooking one of the most important things they can do to help the kids in their lives: protect their eyes.

The truth is, bruises eventually disappear, cuts heal themselves, and even broken bones can be mended, but many serious eye injuries are permanent (especially for younger children).  High quality, 100% UV blocking sunglasses aren’t just something that makes kids look cool to fit in with their friends, or make them feel like mommy or daddy.  They are as important as helmets when riding a bike or sunscreen when swimming (and they should even be used in both of those situations).  Which is why Real Kids Shades has created serious sunglasses for kids ranging from 0-12, with 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  Because this eye-wear is designed specifically for these age groups (and not just a miniaturized adult version), they aren’t just a toy, no matter how much fun little ones have wearing them.  By making sunglasses that are durable (impact resistant and shatterproof), comfortable to wear, and good looking, Real Kids Shades have made it that much easier for parents to protect their kids whenever damage from sunlight is possible.  Styles and sizes range from baby sizes with straps that keep them in place all the way to polarized lenses for 7 to 12 year olds.

Real Kids Shades Infant Shades Navy 0-24 months

My wife and I were able to put Real Kids Shades to the test by trying the My First Shades line out with our 2-year-old boy.  We had never been able to keep sunglasses on our son for longer than a minute or two, so having sunglasses with straps on them was an intriguing idea. Luckily, the straps are easy to adjust, so they will grow with your child, and seem to be pretty comfortable.  There are no pulled hairs or painful snags while you’re putting on or adjusting the shades, which was one of our initial concerns.  He seemed to enjoy having them on, and while he still wanted to take them off from time to time, they lasted much, much longer than any other sunglasses we have tried.  And because there are no sharp edges to poke themselves with, it’s one of the few things you can leave on your toddler without any worries that they will hurt it or themselves without direct supervision.  The fact that they are given all the certifications you could possibly imagine, as well as being third-party tested, really gives them a huge edge over the X-Mart brand (which may or may not actually have the UV protection claimed).

While it’s not going to transform your child into a sunglass pro, My First Shades will certainly boost the amount of time your child’s eyes are protected, which is a huge win in my book.  Their other products also seem to use the same method of designing a product that is comfortable, durable, good looking, and actually shields the sensitive eyes of your child.  What will probably surprise you most is the price: Real Kids Shades products run from $15 to $40 (with the vast majority in the $15 to $20 range).  Pretty good, considering that most “toy sunglasses” run that much.  Check out all of the options on the Real Kids Shades website.

– David

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