C-Preme Launches First Action Sports Helmet With Built-In HD Video Camera

Pros Trevor Jacob, Dakota Roche Among First to Endorse the New Digital Helmets

Torrance, CALIF. -August 5, 2013 — Promising to transform the concept of “helmet cam” forever, C-Preme is first to integrate a high definition video camera into an action sports helmet.                                                          

C-Preme launched BULT today, a CPSC- and ASTM-certified helmet that eliminates the hassles of mounted cameras -from the added weight and imbalance, to the awkward aesthetic and unreliability.

BULT is the first fully integrated action sports video helmet, making recording, downloading and sharing high-quality video easier, more affordable and more accessible. C-Preme aims to fuel the rapidly growing trend of first-person point of view recording with highly-stylized, streamlined, video-enabled helmets.

“BULT is a better way to shoot -there‘s no extra weight and nothing extending off your helmet that could get in the way,” said Trevor Jacob, an action sports icon and first to land a double backflip on a skateboard. “It‘s like the camera is a natural part of your body.”

C-Preme Bult helmet with integrated camera
C-Preme Bult

BULT with Videohead Technology

Inside BULT helmets is C-Preme‘s Videohead Technology, featuring an HD 720 progressive scan camera (1280 X 720 resolution @ 30 fps) with a 120 degree wide angle lens and 5 megapixel still photo resolution. C-Preme significantly minimized the size of the Videohead components to achieve a low profile fit.

The helmets feature intuitive camera functionality, with a four-way adjustable lens, a simplified two-button design for “power” and “record,” an on/off indicator light and USB connectivity to upload and share video.

BULT helmets will be available at action sports retailers, such as Jacks Surfboards, Val Surf and Surfside Sports, in a range of styles starting August 1. They are also available online at www.bulthelmets.com

“Athletes around the world are becoming videographers, capturing and sharing video with friends and family, now more than ever. said Conan Hayes, founder and CEO of C-Preme. “We‘re putting a camera in a place it‘s never been before -inside the helmet -making it as simple as pushing a button to capture their next ride.”

A former professional surfer, Hayes drew from his competitive past and local surroundings to develop and launch BULT with Videohead Technology from his company in Southern California, widely considered the birthplace of BMX and skateboarding. Pro BMX rider Dakota Roche and pro snowboarder Trevor Jacob, are among the first in what promises to be a growing group of brand ambassadors.

Hayes said the company plans to introduce new BULT models at the Interbike show in Las Vegas this September.

For more information, or to purchase BULT helmets, please visit www.bulthelmets.com.

About C-Preme

C-Preme is a Los Angeles-based company passionately devoted to designing innovative sporting goods and action sports products for children, teens and adults. C-Preme consists of several brands, including Raskullz, Krash and BULT with Videohead Technology. From bicycles to scooters and helmets, handgrips and swim gear, C-Preme makes products that inspire the imagination and keep everyone safe and having fun. C-Preme creates products that are original and transformational, introducing exciting and innovative essentials for the coolest kids in the world. For more information, visit c-preme.com.


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