Restoration Project: Univega Nuovo Sport

I’ve decided to take a break from writing. While I’ve still got some reviews going on, I’ll continue with the hands-on parts, and finish the writing later. In the meantime, a neighbor was gracious enough to donate an unwanted Univega Nuovo Sport. It’s got a decent lugged and brazed frame, 2×6 twelve speed, and Araya aluminum rims with Sunshine hubs. It won’t ever be worth much, but it hardly got any use, so it’s a good candidate for a budget restoration. Here’s a few photos. You can also follow along (and see some commentary) on

This is right before being stripped down to the bare frame. Everything but the wheels and frame were in a box about an hour later:

Univega restoration project bike

A close-up of one of the lugs, which caught my eye:

Univega restoration project bike lug closeup

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