Review: Easton Mountain Products Hat-Trick 2P Tent – Back Saving Innovation

The 2nd in a short series of Utah-based companies, in celebration of Pioneer Day, David has reviewed Easton Mountain Product’s Hat-Trick 2P.

– Brian


Easton is a name familiar to people from many different sports and have become a leader in pretty much every sport that benefits from the use of carbon fiber or strong, lightweight aluminum.  Since they are based in Salt Lake City (and have been since 1979), the Hat-Trick 2P Tent from Easton Mountain Products is the perfect item to spotlight on Utah’s Pioneer Day. In case you didn’t catch it from the name of the tent, the Hat-Trick 2P is a 2-person tent, boasting 40.4 square feet of floor area and an additional 8.2 square feet in the vestibule.  Four separate pockets along the walls of the tent and an overhead gear loft help keep gear organized and off of the floor.  The Hat-Trick 2P was designed as a versatile tent that can be used whether you are camping out of your car or backpacking through a mountain range, during any season or weather condition.  Excellent ventilation, guy line loops, 5000mm rated floor material, and 1500mm fly material will block out the weather while keeping you comfortable no matter what is going on outside.  A slight asymmetrical shape to the tent is due to the fact that two people sleeping opposite ways will take up less space, meaning some extra weight and bulk can be shaved off.

Easton Mountain Products Hat-Trick 2P Tent  Of course, with Easton’s history of carbon and aluminum advances, they have come up with innovative ways to shave ounces (or grams).  In addition to using carbon-fiber poles (which have a better strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum), the AirLock system inside each pole makes them even more superior to the old style of tent poles.  By eliminating the need to have shock cord running the entire length of the pole, Easton has reduced the overall weight and made it much easier to assemble and disassemble the Hat-Trick 2P.  By using ultra light aluminum stakes to hold everything down, they have shaved off additional ounces.  Even the stuff sack is made from a lightweight yet strong material, with compression straps to make the most of limited space in your backpack while reducing weight.  All of these features combined have helped keep the tent down to 4 pounds.

There are always have doubts about whether a tent will actually fit the amount of people it claims to. In this case, it most certainly will.  During testing, we actually slept 2 adults and a toddler pretty comfortably without facing opposite ways (meaning it could have been even more roomy).  Interior space was ample, and the pockets and loft were perfect for holding snacks, phones, and flashlights.  Setup was simple (after getting over the fear that the off-balanced look was because we did something wrong), and could easily take less than 5 minutes given some practice.  Our only (minor) complaint is that the vestibule could be a bit larger.  Fitting all of your gear into that space might start to feel like Tetris.  Other than that, this tent is a fantastic solution for lightweight backpacking without giving up on any comforts.  For those that want to enjoy a less strenuous hike and a more restful night, the Hat-Trick 2P is the way to go.

While the price is a bit pricey (it pays to shop around), this tent is a great combination of durability, usefulness, and lightweight construction that is hard to come by.  If you are looking for a cheaper way to reduce the weight you pack around, take a look at upgrading your stakes with the Easton Mountain Products Nano Ultra Light stakes. At about $10 for a set of 4, these are a cheap way to shave ounces off of your tent (or replace bent and broken stakes).  Visit the Easton Mountain Products website to look at specs or see their other products.

– David

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