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We’ve got two fixed gear articles today, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

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Americans Riders Sponsored by Albabici and Sci’Con

Take Home the Gold at Fixed Fest 2012 in Indonesia

OXNARD, Calif. -Los Angeles-based fixed-gear racers Sean Martin and Kelli Samuelson, racing for Team CBNC and supported by Albabici and Sci’Con, took home Gold medals at the recent Fixed Fest 2012 event in Jakarta, Indonesia. Martin won the Alley Cat street race, while Samuelson won the women’s Criterium race. Hundreds of fixed-gear racers from around the world participated.

Kelli SamuelsonSci’Con Technical Bags, Italian makers of top quality bike travel cases, and Albabici, U.S. importer for Sci’Con, provided a pair of Sci’Con AeroComfort Plus travel cases for Martin and Samuelson, whose fixed-gear machines arrived safe and sound in Jakarta.

“To travel half way around the world and compete in an Alley Cat race in place like Jakarta was a blessing in itself,” explained Martin. “But to come home with the win is an amazing feeling. Words cannot describe it.”

Fixed Fest 2012 is the unofficial “world championship” for the growing cycling sub-culture of fixed-gear bike racing. While “fixies” are a common sight in American cities, the sport has been embraced full-cloth in, of all places, Indonesia. Competition at Fixed Fest 2012 included criterium racing, an urban Alley Cat race across Jakarta, and bike tricks.

Martin is a well-known cycling blogger, filmmaker and race organizer who produces a popular website,,m that chronicles fixed-gear racing and culture in the Los Angeles area.

The AeroComfort Plus travel cases provided by Albabici and Sci’Con offer the flexibility and lightness of a soft bag combined with the stability and safety of a hard case. They feature an internal anti-shock Bike Frame that protects all critical parts from impacts and vibrations. Packing an AeroComfort Plus is easy, even the handlebars remain in place. Wheels are stored in individual padded wheel compartments.

For more information on all Albabici product lines, contact Albabici at or by phone, 805-385-3179; visit them at

In other news, Pure Fix Cycles releases their new glow-in-the-dark fixed gear today:

Pure Fix Glow-In-The Dark FrameGet ready to take your night riding to a whole new level. After months of trial and error, we‘ve perfected the GLOW, our newest line. The name says it all -it actually glows.  This series features a highly reflective, glow-in-the-dark paint on either the frame or wheels (or both!). The paint is solar-activated, so just give your bike an hour of daytime sun for an hour plus of night-time fun. Whether you‘re a night owl, a raver, or just want to trip out your friends, this is the bike for you.
Comes in 3 Colorways, all $399 (free shipping with code ‘˜free99‘!)
-GLOW frame, Black Wheels
-Standard painted frame, GLOW Wheels
-GLOW frame, GLOW wheels
A variety of GLOW shades to choose from -neon yellow, green, and red glows

ALL 5 sizes: 47cm (XS), 50cm, 54cm, 58cm, 61cm (XL)

More info at

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