Review: LifeStrength myID – Health, Safety, Fashion Statement

We’ve all heard the hype about different types of ion bracelets or necklaces: they will improve your life dramatically, increase your energy, turn the most awkward person into a dancer, and cure cancer (ok, maybe I made that last one up).  When approached by LifeStrength to do a review, I was skeptical about whether I’d be able to notice any benefit to write about.  Since you’re reading this article, obviously I was wrong.

LifeStrength myIDWhile the name might be a bit confusing, being exposed to positive ions all the time is not a good thing, and you’re being bombarded with them at this moment.  Computers, cell phones, your car stereo, the MP3 player you were just jamming to – they all radiate positive ions that cling to your body.  While the side effects are different for each person, over exposure to positive ions can increase stress levels, cause headaches, hamper balance, and make sleeping difficult, or a number of other bad things.  LifeStrength steps in to help you out, by combining different minerals that create negative ions (or anions), restoring order and improving your life.  Of course, that is what all of the ion band companies claim to do.  LifeStrength has something the others don’t, however: an anion count greater than 11 of their top competitors combined, no need to recharge the bracelet (via solar rays or otherwise), and a lifetime warranty.  On top of that, they have tons of styles, colors, and even necklaces, pendants, and watches.

LifeStrength myIDI was able to get my hands/wrist on one of their newest creations, the LifeStrength myID.  Sizing is done by simply trimming off any excess band, so there’s no need to worry about getting one that is too big or too small.  Their myID is actually a combination of two different products – an ion bracelet and medical identification – but it goes above and beyond the normal standards for both categories.  As mentioned above, the LifeStrength ion bands are the most powerful on the market, which gives you more of the benefits that you’re seeking, so that doesn’t need much more explanation.  The ID portion of the myID, however, needs a bit of explanation.  On the reverse of the LifeStrength pendant is a QR code, phone number, ID number, and a PIN.  This allows emergency medical personnel to access your personal profile, which you set up when you purchase the band.  Because you are the one that inputs information into the profile, medical responders have access to the information that you want them to know, but nothing else.  This could include medical conditions, allergies, contact information for loved ones, and religious requirements.

Overall, I was very surprised by myID.  It is certainly comfortable enough to wear all the time (I’ve had mine on for over a month, only taking it off to go through airport security), which is actually rare for me, as I’ve never been much of a bracelet guy.  Also, I was expecting to not see any results and to have the “well maybe I feel better” effect, but there have been some pretty major changes for me.  The biggest one has been better sleep, as I was struggling with winding down at the end of the day.  Normally, I would have to stay up until I was really tired or lay in bed for 20-30 minutes before I could finally sleep, but I notice that I’m now able to relax and go to sleep within 5 minutes almost without fail.  Balance has never been one of my issues, so I can’t comment on that.  Energy levels haven’t seemed to change much for me, either.  But, the benefits are different for everyone.  A quick read of different opinions by users shows that some people had reduced headaches, balance issues solved, increased flexibility, increase in energy levels, and better focus, among others.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, want to have your medical records easily accessible for emergency responders, or you’re just curious, myID from LifeStrength is certainly worth a look.  Particularly since they are only $40 on the LifeStrength website. The myID only comes in 3 colors currently (black/grey, white/grey, and turquoise/black), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional colors coming soon, considering the wide varieties of options for their other products.  Their Pure series has awesome styling and combinations, if you want something a little more simple.

– David

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S. Hutchinson

A neutral, light beige, skin tone colour would be great for the pure series bands. Perhaps this could be a positive recommendation to them.

T. Bieber

I purchased a myID for my dad who is 73 and has diabetes. He wears it all the time and has had many comments on it from his “older” friends. This product adds one more step to the emergency bracellet because of being able to add emergency contacts, medical inforamtion, medicatioons, etc. This is a great product.


Sadly this item has caused complications. The QR was not able to be scanned in an emergency due to the fact non of the medical personal could scan the QR. This bracelet turned out to be useless sadly as I was hoping this would have been a good substitute for the traditional items. I thought I would share this as it is important to know that not everybody can scan the QR and if they can’t do that than they can not access any information .


Truly this is a awful product. For anyone who thinks that someone is going to whip out their cell phone in the middle of a emergency and scan this bracelet is nuts. For any athletic enthusiasts for example a triathlete who is out cycling not everywhere you cycle will allow you to pull up your profile. I biked the other day and scanned it to just see and sure enough it failed.

I would say the standard normal stamp the bracelet is far more effective. Yes less versatile but at least it ensures your information is found and the information can be used. MyID states that 95% of first responders are trained to look for a MyID, they are relying on the fact that 95% of first responders are trained to look for the star of life which is on their bands but truly hard to make out.

Avoid this product at all costs……. I am placing this everywhere I can. I have never been more frustrated by a product that is claim to make me ‘safer’ on the road. Their customer service is atrocious as well… good luck trying to get through to them.

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