Cycle Dog Announces New3-Play Recycled Turtle Toy

As environmentally-conscious friends of all animals, we like seeing products like this.

– Brian

PORTLAND, OR USA (January 03, 2013) -Cycle Dog-Earth Friendly Pet Company is proud to announce their 3-PLAY Recycled Turtle.  Three times the fun!  The 3-Play Recycled Turtle combines a squeaking play head, a treat hiding tummy, and webbed footed float toy.  Post-consumer recycled materials make it the most eco-friendly toy yet!  High durability and non-toxic.  Available in multiple colors.  For further information, contact Cycle Dog at 503.318.8066 or

 About Cycle Dog

Every year, over a billion bike tubes end up in landfills.  Cycle Dog has recovered tens of thousands of these tubes and transformed them into their products.  Pet lovers who love the outdoors gravitate to the Cycle Dog recycled message.  Cycle Dog is the pet industry‘s leading recycled collar and leash company.  Handmade products are made in Portland, Oregon, one of the top bike cities in the US.

Founder/owner Lanette Fidrych‘s love of bikes, dogs, and the environment led to the formation of Cycle Dog.  Cycle Dog is currently selling in specialty bike, outdoor, and pet retailers, as well as on their website  They are currently accepting inquiries from qualified retailers to expand their dealer base. You can also check dog and other pet care articles including insurance for pets at Fuzzy Rescue.

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