Boombot REX Kickin’ Ass On Kickstarter

When the Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker showed up on Kickstarter, the founders of Boombotix were looking for the modest sum of $27,000 to get production going. Apparently, I’m not the only one that wants one, since they last time I checked, they had over 1,000 backers and their pledges exceeded $100k.

Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker
Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker

Wondering what all the fuss is about? This palm-sized portable speaker is packed with features and wrapped up in clever design. That’s not marketing hype either. Unlike the pretenders, the REX is not merely a plastic case housing some drivers.  Since the goal of Boombotix is to design speakers that can be used in place of headphones, they didn’t skimp on audio quality. REX is the real deal. It’s a 2.1 system, meaning it has three speakers tucked inside its eye-catching shape. There’s a pair of 36mm drivers that reproduce voices and instruments, plus a tuned woofer for that low bass, so you can enjoy your vintage Beastie Boys when rocking out with your friends, or some Barry White when it’s couple’s time. (Feel free to insert your own musical choices)

A portable speaker that sounds great is all well and good, but Boombotix took it a couple steps further. An IP53 certification ensures it’s highly-resistant to both dirt and water. Does that mean it will always be clean and dry? Nope, but you can take it outdoors with you, and not worry about a little dust at your camp site, some sand at the beach, or even mud and water splashing up while mountain biking. Want to sing in the rain? The REX is the ideal companion. How about pairing it with your phone? There’s a built-in noise-cancelling mic, so the REX can be used for hands-free calls. The REX even plays well with Siri, and three buttons handle all the music and phone controls. But if you like wires, or don’t want to use your Bluetooth, the REX has an audio in and out too. So you can plug grandma’s Discman in when you’re visiting with her, or string together multiple units for more power. That kind of flexibility means the REX is compatible with just about any audio device you own, and won’t shy away from bigger crowds either. With about six hours run time from the USB-rechargeable battery inside, you’ll want to take your REX with you on every adventure. To make it easier to do that, there’s a durable clip on the back allows you to fasten it just about anywhere on yourself, your backpack, or even your bike. Yeah, they’ve thought of just about everything. Heck, the ABS case is tough enough for drops from 2.5 meters.

More than just a replacement for headphones, there are many applications for the Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker – gaming, watching movies on a tablet or laptop, a speakerphone, a portable mini-rave, and just about any outdoor activity you could imagine. To get in on the action, or read a bit more about the REX (although I think I was pretty thorough), check them out on Kickstarter, or the Boombotix website. The retail price is expected to be $99, but if you back their campaign, you can score a limited edition one for less than that.

– Brian

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Thought the boombox rex was for $99 like y’all said $129 is kinda high price as if the fundraising money wasn’t enough already crying for more money way to look out for the people and making sure everyone can afford one

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