RideOut Technologies to debut new saddle at Interbike

Men have long suffered from chronic nerve damage and groin numbness from extended rides. Research shows men increase their chances of  Erectile Dysfunction by up to 30%. Women too have suffered from vaginal nerve damage and chaffing. A breakthrough design eliminates  those problems. The saddle developed by RideOut Technologies has been laboratory tested to protect against nerve damage.

Using advanced carbon infused fibers and a patented new design, this seat supports the “sit bones” or ischium of your pelvic girdle,  relieving pressure from the perineum or crouch area. The typical bike seat compresses the nerves. According to Richard Weil, MD, CDT, the  blood flow to this vital area was reduced by 70% with a conventional bicycle seat.

This bike seat is comprised of four vital parts; Carbon fiber supports in the saddle base absorb and dampen road shock.  The thermal molded base plate matches the body anatomy. Infused silicone under the “sit bones” provide lasting comfort. And finally, this seat is topped with a high tech fiber made from bamboo, which wicks moisture naturally, is anti-microbial, and cooler in the sunlight.   This saddle will set a new standard in comfort and safety.

Performance is not overlooked. Lab tests prove the efficiency of this saddle is identical to “standard” racing seats and with the seat weighing at just over 300 grams, the new saddle will not slow you down. Comfort, performance and light weight product, made in the USA.

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Jeff Parker

To bad this never came out – looked like a good idea.


Jeff, there were a couple of companies that I spoke to at Interbike that ran into production delays, but I was under the impression they had been resolved. I’ll follow up on this for you.


Jeri-the designer

The saddle is in production and for sale at; RideOut Tech.com

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