Rider Sandals Announces Fall Collegiate Foosball Tour

Forget about politics, foreign policy, housing market woes, domestic unemployment, and all the other news that weighs us down every day. Rider Sandals makes casual footwear, and they sponsor foosball events at colleges around the US. How can that not bring a smile to your face? Seriously. If you have a chance, go check this out. It’s a great escape in a laid back atmosphere. No overpaid athletes – just college students having fun. I applaud Rider’s creative way to reach potential consumers.

– Brian

Rider fall tour to visit ten college campuses throughout the Northeast

ORLANDO, FL (August, 2013) -Rider Sandals continues its search for the best collegiate foosball players with the Fall Foosball Tour, making stops across the Northeast throughout the month of September.

Rider will kick off its fall tour in Boston, MA at College Day at Fenway Park on September 7th, where more than 10,000 college students are expected to attend.

The first leg of the Rider Sandals Foosball Tour was introduced in Florida throughout April 2013, where Rider made stops into University of South Florida, University of Miami, University of Florida and Florida State University.

Rider Sandals Collegiate Foosball Tour

As with the first leg of the tour, attendees at each of the fall events will have an opportunity to receive giveaway items such as Rider Sandals discount cards, key chains, stickers, t-shirts, sandals, and more!

Students will be able to stop by each event over the course of the day to casually play a little foosball with friends. They will also be given the opportunity to sign up for a tournament style competition, which will take place later in the day where the competition will really heat up.

Students choosing to play in the tournament will be eligible to not only hold the title of  “Campus Foosball Champ,” but also take home a prize package including Rider Sandals and a cash prize!

Schedule details are as follows:

·       September 7 -College Day at Fenway Park

·       September 9 -University of Connecticut

·       September 10 -University of Massachusetts Amherst

·       September 12 -University of Maryland

·       September 13 -University of Delaware

·       September 16 -University of Michigan

·       September 17 -Eastern Michigan University

·       September 18 -Michigan State

·       September 20 -University of Illinois

·       September 28 -Campus Philly College Day

“We gained great insight into the core consumer group with the Florida Foosball Tour in April and we‘re really looking forward to meeting more Rider fans with the Fall tour. The events are designed to be fun and interactive for the students, leaving them with great giveaways after a fun event,” said Angelo Daros, Vice President of Marketing, Grendene USA.

About Rider Sandals:

Rider Sandals is owned by the Brazilian based Grendene SA, the largest maker of sandals in the world. As a Brazilian manufacturer, Grendene SA is held to the toughest manufacturing regulations in the world and environmental sustainability is an integral part of the company‘s culture. Riders are made from 30 percent recyclable materials, while 99 percent of the industrial waste created in the manufacturing process is recycled or reused. It’s this commitment to the people we serve and the planet we share that sets Rider apart. To learn more about Rider Sandals please visit www.ridersandals.com

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