Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT

If you’re looking for a modern folder with old-school touches, check out the Accurate™Folder from CRKT. It’s from their Ruger collection, and was designed by Bill Harsey, of Creswell, Oregon. Bill is one of those guys that values function over form, but still has an eye for smart design. While the Accurate™is a solid knife, there’s no fancy steel or handle material. It’s just a good looking, comfortable tool.


Ruger’s president, and COO, Chris Killoy, stated “Ruger is focused on bringing affordable, rugged and reliable products to our consumer base”. With that in mind, Ruger approached Columbia River Knife & Tool about a partnership. The result is a collection of knives for everyday carry and preparedness, as well as hunting and tactical applications. Based on the design, the Accurate™seems most suited for EDC and hunting.

Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT
Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT (Ruger American Predator not included)

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With its 3.380″ plain edge and 8Cr13MoV steel blade, the Accurate™is anything but exotic. When folded, it’s 4.644″ long, and 8.063″ when open. Forget about assisted opening, or even a thumb stud. It’s got a good old nail nick and a liner lock. And with all the options out there, the handle is pretty no-nonsense too. A thermoplastic elastomer over glass reinforced nylon gets the job done. One fancy touch is the Ruger medallion, inset on one side of the handle. On the included nylon sheath is the name Ruger, as well.

First Impressions

Those numbers are fine, but they don’t tell you much about the Accurate. At 5.4 ounces on my scale, it feels nice in hand. Not too heavy, not too light or fragile. And the grip is great, wet or dry. Then there is the satin finish of the blade and stainless bolsters. Immediately, I was reminded of the stainless firearms in my collection. And the liner lock is one of the most robust I have ever seen. It covers at least half of the 0.149″ thick blade. With the blade locked open, there is zero play. Everything feels better than expected for a knife with an MSRP of $79.99.

The Blade

Before I used it, I tested the Accurate™by shaving some curls off a sheet of paper. The factory edge was plenty sharp. While 8Cr13MoV is one of the “value steels”, it holds an edge well enough, and is easy to sharpen. For daily use, it’s nice to have a blade that can be quickly touched up. It’s easy to get caught up in chasing the latest exotic steels, but for EDC, I’ll take low maintenance every time.

Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT
Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT

In use

Although I prefer pocket carry, I did use the included sheath. As mentioned, the weight is fine when you’re using it, but a bit much in your pocket. And this is a knife you’ll enjoy using. Food prep, whittling, cutting packing tape, slicing the end off a tube of caulk, it was just effortless. Although I didn’t process any game, I did break down a lot of cardboard for recycling. There is nothing glamorous about how I use a pocket knife. It would be great to say I slashed a seatbelt, and saved someone from a burning car, but that’s not the case. Instead, I open mail, open boxes, and cut the occasional loose thread off an old shirt or new jacket. No matter the task, the Accurate was at hand, and got it done.


I’ve handled a lot of pocket knives, but still don’t consider myself a “knife nerd”, or even an expert. I’m just a guy that appreciates always having a good blade available. If that’s you too, you’ll like the Accurate. And if you’re a fan of Ruger, even more so. It’s a solid knife that has a quality feel. Edge retention was more than good enough for my needs. Although the MSRP is $79.99, you’ll find it much lower if you shop around a bit, making it an excellent value. Check out to see all their knives and tools.

A special thanks to CRKT for providing their Accurate for this review.

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