RydeSafe Reflective Buttons on KICKSTARTER

There’s only a few days left on their KICKSTARTER campaign, but we wanted to help get the word out, even though they have already been fully funded. The RydeSafe Reflective Buttons are a great way to add a little extra visibility, whether you are riding, walking, skating, or running at night or during low-light hours. The designs shown below are the different styles available, and we suspect that though they’ve got something to suit most interests, there may be future runs of more fun designs.

We met Tonky, the designer behind RydeSafe, a few years ago while attending Interbike, and he seems to have a pretty good handle on combining safety and fun. Note that he’s not only having the buttons made in the United States, but he’s also not skimping on quality, so you pay a little more for a much better, brighter product. Check out RydeSafe to see his original product line, and then go snag a deal on some of the upcoming buttons by supporting him on KICKSTARTER too. You can buy into this deal for practically pocket change, and you’ll be supporting a small business that’s based stateside. Win/win.

– Brian

RydeSafe Reflective Buttons
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