Sanuk Snowfox Chill And Pick Pocket Chill

Combine the footbed of your favorite rubber sandals with a soft upper that’s lined with faux fur, and you’ve got the Sanuk Snowfox Chill slip-ons. I has Mrs. Outsider test a charcoal pair in women’s size 8 as the weather turned cold, and she shared her thoughts on them after about a month spent running errands, shopping, and just lounging around the house.

Sanuk Snowfox Chill
Sanuk Snowfox Chill slip ons

Right from the box, they’ve got a broken-in feel about them. They’re really soft, with plenty of flex in the sole, making them comfortable to walk in. Although she normally wears a 7-1/2, they don’t come in half sizes, so we got them in size eight. This meant they were a bit loose without socks, but fit fine with a thin wool sock. Most of the time was spent without socks, as that’s really how they were meant to be worn, with that soft faux fur against your foot. First thing in the morning, they are perfect as a slipper, especially if you’ve got hardwood floors instead of carpet. But they’re not just for padding around the house. They were worn everywhere except the gym until it started to snow. Even then, it’s what she put on when she got home. (In the month or so that she’s had them, it’s what I’ve seen her wear the most) As far as durability, the lining is a bit matted down, and sole is showing some wear at both ends, but the stitching still looks intact. Overall, they seem to mix comfort with a bit of fashion quite well. The charcoal looks great with jeans, although the natural or rose would too. Find them at Zappos, before they’re sold out.

Sanuk Pick Pocket Chill slip ons
Sanuk Pick Pocket Chill slip ons

A pair of men’s Pick Pocket Chill in size 12 were delivered at the same time, but they seem to fit more like an 11-1/2, so we had one of our contributors try them for a few weeks, and offer his input. (That meant that for this article, I got to interview two people about their footwear. Not exactly the highlight of my week) The Pick Pocket Chill also has Sanuk’s sandal-style footbed, but this time it’s been given an AEGIS antimicrobial treatment, since guys are more prone to stinky feet. Faux shearling lines the inside, as in the Snowfox. In case you’re wondering, they take their name from the corduroy upper with a pocket built in. And like a pair of jeans, the pocket has a rivet in the corner, which is a nice styling detail. Since the Pick Pocket Chill doesn’t really have much structure, they didn’t need any breaking in, and were comfy from day one. Again, they were warm for most winter days, and even though they are super casual, the solid black makes them a good choice with jeans if you work in a relaxed office environment. Although they weren’t tested long enough to really judge durability, Sanuk has a good reputation, and they offer a six month warranty against defects in manufacture.You can find the Pick Pocket Chill here.

Both reviewers had similar comments – they’re great whether you’ve just rolled out of bed, or want something cozy when it’s a bit cooler outside. They’re not warm enough for Utah’s coldest cold, but if there’s no snow on the ground, your feet will probably stay happy in them. And that’s pretty much the whole idea. I’d like to thank Sanuk for providing our two¬† testers with their products. Both were thrilled to try them out, and I think they enjoyed the positive comments from friends and co-workers as well.

– Brian (with a little help)

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