SAXX Underwear

SAXX Underwear should be the very first layer in any man’s kit. We’ve already got technical pants, shirts, and even socks, so now is the time to step it up with performance underwear. Performance underwear? Yes, that’s right. Whether at work or play, SAXX allows all-day comfort with features that help you perform better at just about all your favorite activities.

Like a good cycling short, SAXX starts with nine separate panels, and flat lock seams. This is so they move with you while you walk, run, or ride, and don’t chafe or bunch. There’s more to it though. The standout feature of each pair of SAXX is the ergonomic front pouch and patented mesh panels inside. It just makes sense. Your jeans have pockets for your wallet, keys, cash, phone, etc. Your underwear should have a pocket for the rest of your valuables.

SAXX Underwear Ultra
SAXX Underwear Ultra

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While SAXX offers a variety of fabrics to suit different needs, they provided some of their Blacksheep (95% Merino wool, 5% spandex) in both regular and long john versions, and their Ultra (95% viscose, 5% spandex) for this review. My interest was in the Merino versions for camping as well as cold weather active use, and I wanted to try both for daily wear as well. I do have a few words about these fabrics. No man has ever bragged about how soft anything in their underwear is, yet both the Merino and viscose blend with the spandex to create a true luxury garment. To paraphrase some old ad copy they are “soft enough for a woman, but made for a man”. Yes, your wife or girlfriend may steal them, they feel that nice against the skin. Regular cotton feels like sandpaper after wearing SAXX.

The real test is not spousal/significant other approval though. I walked, rode my fat bike, shoveled snow, and carried a camera with a very heavy lens through some deep snow. I wore them in a car, a plane, and at my desk. I had long days, cold days, hot days (well, Texas in January, which is hot compared to Utah), and because I’m a big guy, I had some sweaty days. And through it all, I never once had to adjust myself, and there was no bunching. The Ultra pair breathe, and have a waistband that wicks moisture. The Blacksheep kept me warm in the snow, but cool indoors. From past experience, I know that the anti-microbial properties of Merino means that you can wear them for longer than most guys would admit to. So go ahead and throw a long day on the slopes or in the saddle at them – they won’t let you down.

SAXX Underwear Ultra, Blacksheep Merino, Ultra
SAXX Underwear Ultra, Blacksheep Merino, Ultra

Underwear reviews are not easy. You have to work hard to avoid certain words, or you’ll look like some sort of tool. It pays to have someone check what you write (my wife had a hand in this) so you don’t come off as not being sensitive to such a touchy subject. At the end of the day, most people don’t ask themselves “How did my underwear do today?”, but I had to. SAXX did indeed provide comfort and support. The fit is great, as the nine panels allow you to move, while keeping certain parts in place, cool, and dry. For cold weather, the long johns are great too. Overall, I could not find a single bad thing to say about them. Try one pair, and you won’t go back to cheap cotton again. There are so many fabric, cut, and color options, I don’t have room to list them all, but if you find the need to coordinate your skivvies with the rest of your clothes, I’m sure you could. Check out for the full line.

– Brian

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