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Industry Outsider recently stopped by the Intova booth at the Outdoor Retailers Summer Market. We were intrigued by their HD action cams and that they were US Company based out of Hawaii competing in a highly saturated market. Founded in 1995, they strive to deliver high quality equipment at a price the average consumer can afford. Starting out developing snap sight cameras over the years, Intova has progressed its product line to feature digital cameras and HD video cameras, as well as waterproof flashlights and electronic equipment.

Intova Snap Sight Phone Case
Intova Snap Sight Phone Case

Own an iPhone 4, 5, 5S, or a Samsung Galaxy S4? Tired of having to worry about destroying your smartphone when trekking out into the great unknown? Or maybe your job demands you and your phone to withstand all sorts of elements that wreck havoc on a typical cell phone. Slap your phone in one of Intova‘s Snap Sight Phone Cases – they dare you to take it any where! The polycarbonate housings protect your phone in any environment. It’s submergible to 20 feet, and sealed with an Intova Cam-Lok system accompanied by high quality silicone O-rings.

Maybe you like living on the edge, capturing every living moment, and then streaming it live so your friends can view it too? Whether it ripping down the gnarliest downhill trail or diving to the vast depths of the ocean floor, Intova‘s got your back! Intova‘s Edge X camera can connect to a smartphone or tablet to stream all of life‘s great adventures across the world to anyone you provide login credentials. This is done via your device’s streaming on a 4G network to Intova‘s personal servers. But that‘s not all! In addition, the Edge X allows its users to transfer files, and remotely control the camera via WiFi on a smartphone or tablet.  This full featured camera is completed by an A7L Ambarella Digital Signal Processor, 16 MP Panasonic photo processor, 60x zoom, built in LCD screen, flash, water repellent lens, and more! With this camera you can truly have it all!

Intova Edge X Camera
Intova Edge X Camera
Intova ConneX Camera
Intova ConneX Camera

Wireless not your thing?  Check out the ConneX. Designed mainly for underwater use and in areas that wireless isn‘t a viable option, Intova developed it to allow an analog 1080p signal via a 300 foot cable. Digital outputs only carry signals 30 -50 feet, this is where the analog signal shines, providing signal to 300 feet.  Remote control and power is also provided though the cable to the action cam. This is great for divers that want to transmit their video to the surface or fisherman who want to one-up the depth finder and actually see the fish below their boat. The ConneX also features an RF remote control when operating in standard action cam use.  The ConneX floats, has a 3 hour+ battery life, easy to use menu, Picture in Video, 4x zoom, and a built in LCD screen.

For more information on Intova and their products please visit

– Ryan

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