Eco Vessel Surf – Glass Just Tastes Better

Eco Vessel Surf glass bottle

The Surf from Eco Vessel is an ideal way to enjoy your favorite cold beverage, whether that’s plain old water at home, work or school, a post-workout/ride/run hydration drink, or a summertime cocktail. Because it’s made from glass (that’s been recycled), all you’ll taste is your drink. No plastic, no metal, and no hint of the last drink you had in your bottle. It’s one of the reasons I like glass whenever possible.

Each Eco Vessel Surf contains about 60% recycled glass, and holds 22 ounces. The slight taper in the middle of the bottle makes it easy for just about anyone to grip, yet at eleven inches tall, gives it a decent amount of capacity. Speaking of grip, the protective silicone sleeves not only make them easy to hold and carry, but five colors choices allow you to brighten things up a bit with orange and red, or go with the more muted blue, green, or even black. That sleeve also provides a surprising amount of protection, although you should be sure to exercise care with all glass products.

Eco Vessel Surf color options

Cleaning the Eco Vessel Surf is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher, making it pretty much maintenance free. If there is one area where care should be taken, it’s with the lid. It’s important to make sure that it is secure when not drinking. I did not experience any leaks over the course of more than two weeks of regular use. Of course, the silicone sleeve combined with the large loop in the lid make it easy to snug down and avoid leaks. The only place I see a little give and take is in the actual size of the opening. If it was bigger, you could fill it with ice a little faster. But the size is optimized for drinking, without spilling a beverage in your face.

Overall, I think this is a great bottle. Priced at $19.95, you get a pretty durable drinking vessel, and if you’re a water snob like myself, you also get the purest taste. Of course, Eco Vessel also participates in 1% For The Planet, so everyone wins. Check out the Surf, along with their other bottles, at, and look for an article soon on their food storage containers, which we saw up close and personal at Outdoor Retailer earlier this month.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Eco Vessel Surf for free from Eco Vessel, in consideration for review publication

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