ScopeSlicker NX from Alpine Innovations

Whether you have a have an inexpensive scope on your plinker, or a high-dollar one on your long range rifle, the ScopeSlicker NX has it covered. Alpine Innovations says the ScopeSlicker NX is the last scope cover you‘ll ever need. It may also be the last one you’ll buy. Because the ScopeSlicker NX employs a simple yet effective method to keep it from falling off.  Where other scope covers end up missing in the field, ScopeSlicker NX stays where you put it. And it offers innovative cleaning features not found on other scope covers.

ScopeSlicker NX

The ScopeSlicker NX is designed with 2 retaining bands that fit under the optic to keep it secure. When you need to cover your optics, flip both ends of the scope cover down, and your ScopeSlicker stays protected from the elements. It’s ideal for storage and transport, and shouldn’t get lost when you’re in the field. You even get four color options.

ScopeSlicker NX

“We knew we could improve upon what is on the market,” says Darren Jones, CEO and designer of Alpine‘s products. “We‘ve heard that hunters were losing their scope covers while hunting in thick terrain.  The last thing you want to do is damage or scratch your expensive optics. Now you no longer have to keep buying scope covers that fall off while you hunt.”

To keep your optics free from smudges and dust, the .5mm neoprene design includes two handy finger pocket microfiber cleaning cloths. There’s one on each end of the scope cover. The ScopeSlicker NX also has the ability to fit a wider range of the most commonly used scope sizes. Use the regular size one for scopes ranging from 12” to 17”. For scopes 14” to 20”, you’ll want the large size. ScopeSlicker NX‘s flexible fit easily accommodates scopes with high turrets, so it‘s sure to fit your favorite optic.

Be sure to see the new ScopeSlicker NX available now at You’ll also find them in many major retailers Spring of 2018

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