Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller Pillow

There‘s no better gift for the frequent traveler than the Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller Pillow. A lot of the time, even seasoned travelers end up in a battle with exhaustion, and arrive at their destination  with a sore neck. The Aeros is the stocking stuffer solution.

The Aeros is a pillow that inflates with just a few puffs of air through the multi-function valve. This makes it easy to adjust firmness for each user’s comfort. The pillow was designed with the neck and shoulder in mind. As you can see, the curves create a narrow center for the base of the neck that works well with almost any headrest. This allows for the head to sit in a neutral position, instead of being forced to pitch forward.

Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller Pillow
Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller Pillow

Wider ends of the pillow support the neck and head during sleep. These ends allow the head to stay more upright instead of hanging off to the side. This can help prevent the typical neck kinks and pains when you try to sleep upright while travelling.

The surface of the pillow is made of a textured fabric that is a supple and comfortable material to doze on. It’s quite rugged and feels very substantial, yet it still allows the Aero Pillow to deflate and fit back into its tiny sack.

Weighing only 2oz and fitting into a micro stuff sack, The Aeros design is perfect for carry-ons, purses, and even backpacks.

Like all Sea to Summit products, the durability of the pillow is outstanding. It‘s made of laminated and abrasion resistant high strength polyester. Sea to Summit has a Limited Warranty on all their products that covers them for normal wear and tear.

Whether you travel by plane, train, automobile, or into the back-country, you can trust that the Areos Traveller Pillow will hold up and provide comfortable support for all occasions.

For $34.95, give the gift of comfortable sleep this holiday season!

– Carley

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