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Selle SMP colored PRO saddles now feature stain-resistant material

OXNARD, Calif., and CASALSERUGO, Italy — Makers of arguably the most ergonomically advanced cycling saddles in the world, Selle SMP has listened to feedback from its enthusiastic customer base and now feature a stain- and fade-resistant microfiber material for all its colored PRO line saddles, announced Gianluca Caliari, president of Albabici, U.S. distributor for Selle SMP.

The microfiber material — environmentally friendly, waterproof and vegan — addresses the tendency of some cycling shorts and bibshorts, when sweaty, to transfer their colors to the saddle covering, thus marring the otherwise beautiful finish. Selle SMP saddles in black are covered in leather and do not have this issue.

Selle SMP Pro saddle
Selle SMP Pro saddle

“All SMP PRO line saddles in colors are now covered with a high quality microfiber with physical and technical characteristics equal to those of genuine leather,” explained Nicolo Schiavon, the senior sales manager of SMP. “It’s a material with a distinct flexibility and elasticity, which allows the product to stand the test of time and to maintain the highest level of quality.”

With this material, Selle SMP saddles in color retain the same comfort and feeling of leather, but don‘t fade or stain under the aggression of the alkaline perspiration.

Since 2004, Selle SMP has created ergonomic bicycle saddles whose unique shape delivers unrivaled pedaling comfort as well as long-term protection against over-use injury and pelvic discomfort. Today’s Selle SMP saddles are ridden by both professional racers and amateur riders.

In designing its top-of-the-line SMP4BIKE saddles, Selle SMP aimed to reduce pressure on the perineum nerve and the consequent pressing of neuro-vascular structures, thus decreasing — if not eliminating — the genital and urinary problems and disorders in cyclists, such as numbness, pain, and possible sexual dysfunction. The Selle SMP patented features include the completely open central channel, the dropped nose and raised rear support.

All Selle SMP saddles are imported into the U.S. exclusively by Albabici in Oxnard, Calif. For more information, contact Albabici at or on the web at

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