Serfas Mountain Switchback -Comfort With Value

A couple years ago, the bulk of my cycling was on the road.  I bought a cyclocross bike just as gravel boom hit.  While cyclocross racing didn’t last, gravel riding on that bike stuck with me.  The Serfas Mountain Switchback shoes looked like a great choice for gravel riding, so I asked for a test pair. When Serfas sent the shoes over, I quickly installed SPD cleats and hit the gravel roads.

Road bike shoes don‘t work well on gravel, and my old mountain shoes had soft soles.  The soft sole worked fine on the mountain bike but I found that they caused hot spots on my feet while riding gravel.  There is less change up in the pedal stroke while cruising on gravel roads and the hot spots were uncomfortable.

The Serfas Mountain Switchback has a dual density sole that works much better for me.  The soles are plenty stiff, and flexing under power isn’t a problem.  Deep lugs keep the SPD cleats out of the way when walking.  That means I can put the shoes on inside the house and walk out without scuffing the floors.  The shoes come with removable studs at the front which install easily with the provided wrench.

Serfas Mountain Switchback
Serfas Mountain Switchback

The Switchback shoes have a nice sturdy upper.  The sides are solid with a few vent holes for breathability and the top is covered in mesh.  With a more solid upper, these shoes work well in cooler weather and through the little mud holes found on gravel roads.  A wide toe box gives plenty of room in the forefoot.  The ankle collar is low and out of the way.  Scrub pads protect the toe, heel and other high wear areas.

The buckle system works well and is easily to operate with just one finger.  Tighten the buckle by pulling up on the ratchet and press down the top of the buckle to release.  The strap with teeth is removable so replacement is possible.  I‘ve had quite a few pair of bikes shoes and have never had a strap break, but it is nice to know it can be replaced.  Nice and strong velcro holds the lower two straps in place.

Serfas Mountain Switchback
Serfas Mountain Switchback

The Serfas website shows the Mountain Switchback shoes are available in sizes 41 through 49 Euro.  The size 11 shoes, 45 Euro, fit me great.  Lately, I‘ve been ordering size 11 in all my shoes but sometimes I need a 10.5.  These size 11 with the wide toe box are perfect for me, but everyone‘s feet are different.

The Serfas Mountain Switchback shoes come in black and they have an MSRP of just $100.  That makes these shoes a tremendous value in my book.  They feel great on my feet and have been plenty tough so far.  They are well worth a look if you are in the market.  Click here to visit the Serfas website.


I‘d like to thank Serfas for the test samples.  We at Industry Outsider have limited budgets and the ability to provide honest, useful information on gear hopefully benefits everybody.

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