Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife

Perhaps one of the most unique items we’ve reviewed recently is the Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife. That’s because most people know them for copiers, cameras, and cell phones. But Kyocera has nearly 60 years experience with ceramics, and it shows in this knife.

I had no idea that they even made knives. So when we were offered one for review, I was intrigued and perhaps a bit skeptical. And I was surprised at the very light weight of the knife when it arrived. On my digital scale, it weighed in at 3.9 ounces, with the nylon sheath. That’s not bad for a 4 inch knife. While I’m not sure if the handle is a soft plastic, or hard rubber, I do know that it fits my hand nicely. The sheath is standard nylon, with a belt loop, velcro strap, and some rivets. This sheath is very well constructed, with straight, even stitching. Kyocera didn’t skimp on quality, where other brands have.

Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife
Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife

Of course, when it comes to knives, it’s the blade that really counts. And this one is very sharp. Thanks to the unique production process, ceramic blades can be thin, light, and really sharp. How thin? On the Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife, it’s almost translucent. How sharp? Well, I enjoyed slicing a jalapeno pepper into dozens of paper thin discs. Then my wife cut up a bunch of veggies, and wouldn’t give it back. When my daughter used it to slice potatoes, she let out a few surprised, semi-polite profanities. And this is in a house where we have all sorts of sharp knives. It’s sharp.

Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife
Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife

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If there is one area where ceramics are not good, it’s for cutting meats with bones. But for vegetables, or boneless chicken and fish, and even bread, they are ideal. And that covers most of our outdoor cooking. What also makes it great for outdoor use is that ceramic doesn’t rust or corrode. Plus, it holds that sharp edge for about ten times longer than carbon steel. And that means a lot. No more having to sharpen your camp knife. Although I suspect this knife will see a lot more use than just camping. If it does dull, Kyocera will sharpen it at no cost, other than a nominal postage fee.

Regardless of what I thought before, I am now sold on ceramic knives. Obviously, Kyocera has come up with an outstanding knife, with a very reasonable $34.95 MSRP. Check out for more info.


I’d like to thank Kyocera for providing their exceptional knife for this review.

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