Serfas True 1000+ Headlight

Serfas True 1000+ Headlight

Even though the Serfas True 1000+ headlight is being replaced by their T1000, I wanted to share a review for a couple of reasons. First, it’s still available from retailers, and if you’re lucky, you can get one on sale*. Second, you can expect the same quality and innovation from Serfas, regardless of which product you purchase.

This light has some impressive spec – 4 settings offer run times of 4 to 23 hours over an output of 1000 lumens down to 175, plus 10.5 hours of flashing, all accessed via a single button. Three high output LED bulbs utilize reflectors and lenses that concentrate light into a bright spot, with a nice halo around it. This allows you to see what’s in your path, plus light up the sides of it a bit. Visible through the heavily vented housing are the fins on each bulb to keep them cool. Proper cooling contributes to better performance and longer life. Considering how much heat this trio of LEDs can put it out, it makes good sense.

Contents of the Serfas True 1000+ Headlight kit

A mix of durable composites, aluminum, and rubberized surfaces makes for a light and durable system that won’t weigh you down, and won’t scratch your ride. And the Serfas True 1000+ battery as well as lamp housing are assembled with allen screws, so both can be serviced, if necessary. A durable braided and coated cable connects to the lamp unit to the battery. Serfas included a shorter cord, just right for mounting the battery on your frame when using the handlebar mount, plus a longer one, in case you want to use the included helmet mount, and drop the battery into your jersey pocket. Multiple mount options are a nice touch.

Handlebar mount

Who needs 1000 lumens? Well, when you’re bombin’ down your favorite singletrack at night, that much output comes in handy. Long slow climbs and commuting may call for less, giving the lower settings a chance to really shine too, so to speak. Having a light that offers long run times and massive output, with flexibility in mounting and nearly indestructible construction is sure to make mountain bikers and commuters happier and safer. Serfas uses the same quick release mount on the True 1000+ as they do for some of their other lights, so I used the helmet mount for a smaller light from them I already had. That leaves me with two bar mounts, so I can move it from my commuter bike to my 29er with ease. Even with only one bar mount, the quick release is so easy to use, it would only take a minute to swap from bike to bike. On the lower settings, it’s got more than enough output for hours of riding at commuter speeds. And then on my mountain bike, it will still offer up to 4 hours at max output, which is far longer than I’d ever be on the trails in the dark.

*Despite a suggested retail around the $300 mark, we found the Serfas True 1000 Headlight at JensonUSA for under $200. If I didn’t already have one, I’d be asking Santa to hook me up. High power, long run times, durable, and user-serviceable for less than a couple Benjamins is hard to beat.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Serfas True1000+ Headlight for free from Serfas, in consideration for review publication


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Scott S


How’s your headlamp holding up?

Still love it or have u moved on?




I haven’t ridden much lately, and not at night, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for commuting or some after-work MTB runs.

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