Sheldon Brown

Just when I was ready to start doing some writing again, the cycling industry lost one of its greatest advocates and resources.

Sheldon Brown, described as “the human encyclopedia of bicycling knowledge”, was taken from us last night. His passing leaves a huge void in the cycling community, one that can never be filled. There is just no way for that much cycling information to ever be so readily available, and so freely dispensed.

He was a member of, where his contributions were prized, and his knowledge of the obscure invaluable. I can recall reading more than one thread where a member was honored to have their technical question answered by Sheldon – it was like they had a brush with a celebrity. A kind, benevolent, celebrity. But he was no celebrity, just a guy that loved his family, bicycles, and photography.

Sixty three years is a very short time in the history of the world. But Sheldon managed to make his mark. He’ll be missed.

Ride on, Sheldon, ride on.

Sheldon’s Homepage

Sheldon’s Journal

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