Shelfie Bike Storage Rack From Jürgen Beneke

Shelfie Bike Storage Rack

Jürgen Beneke has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of his innovative new bike rack, the Shelfie. Part storage rack, part repair stand and part display case, the Shelfie offers a practical and stylish bike storage solution for anyone, especially cyclists with limited storage space.

The patent-pending Shelfie uses a bike’s seat to hang a bike on any wall, and features two integrated shelves for organizing and storing cycling gear. It is constructed of a durable, injection-molded tinted polyethylene plastic, includes wall-anchors and will hold up to 50 lbs. Final production models will be made entirely in the U.S.A. and will include two vinyl protectors. Shelfies are currently available through Kickstarter for $95, and the MSRP for production versions is projected to be $130.

The Shelfie Kickstarter campaign launched March 12 and within 10 days it reached Beneke’s initial goal of $30,000. Close to $50,000 has been raised with 18 days remaining. The funds raised will help bring the Shelfie to market.

Shelfie Bike Storage Rack

“In order to keep the final cost reasonable, the Shelfie needed to be made out of polyethylene,” notes Jürgen. “That requires construction of a mold and an investment in raw materials. With the success of this Kickstarter campaign I can accomplish those goals and bring the Shelfie to market.”

The former World Champion downhill racer, and now custom furniture builder, designed the Shelfie out of necessity.

“I couldn’t find one solution that would work for all my bikes,” continues Beneke. “I didn’t want to scratch the paint on the top tubes or kink the cables. That is when I decided to design the Shelfie.”

While not a professional repair stand, the Shelfie is perfect for routine maintenance or minor repairs such as tire changes, derailleur tweaks and brake adjustments. The Shelfie is also a great way to display old races bikes, collectable frames or to show off hard-won awards and trophies.

To visit or support the Shelfie Kickstarter campaign, click here. For more information about the Shelfie, visit

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This is pretty sweet. I would use this in my garage for sure.

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