Six and Twelve Gun Modular Pistol Racks from Hyskore

The HYSKORE Six (or 12) Gun Modular Pistol Rack is one of my new favorite accessories. These inexpensive yet awesome racks are a great way to organize your safe without breaking the bank. And they come in handy at the range too. They’re available in 3, 6, or 12 gun versions, and can be easily configured to any number in between. This is due to their modular design. If your safe could use a bit of organization, or you just want to make room for even more pistols, read on.

Construction and specs

Each Hyskore rack is constructed from a closed cell, non-reactive EVA foam. It reminds me of the rubber floor mats in my garage. This is the sort of foam that doesn’t attract or hold water, so it will not contribute to rust. It also seems impervious to the chemicals associated with firearms, so it won’t end up melting or getting eaten away. And the finish is soft enough that my stainless or color anodized handguns don’t end up with scratches. Despite being soft(ish) foam, it’s still stiff enough to hold its shape, and keep your handguns in line. The six gun rack is 11.25” wide,  7.5” deep, and 6’³ high. Stepping up to the twelve gun rack, specs are 20.25” wide, 7.5” deep and 6”.

Edges can be trimmed to fit larger handguns in the Hyskore Modular Pistol Rack. Or alternate large and small firearms.
Edges can be trimmed to fit larger handguns in the Hyskore Modular Pistol Rack. Or alternate large and small firearms.

Design features

Both single stack and double stacks fit just fine, as well as revolvers. Each slot is 1″ wide at the muzzle end, and 1.34″ at the grip end. If necessary, a strip of foam can be cut from one (or both) sides of the muzzle end to fit extra-wide handguns. In some cases, alternating wide and narrow pistols may negate the need to remove that strip. But if you have a rack full of chunky guns, it’s easy enough to accommodate them. The spacing is wide enough that I can place two pistols with gas pedal-style thumb rests next to each other.

Handguns big and small easily fit in the Hyskore Modular Pistol Rack
Handguns big and small easily fit in the Hyskore Modular Pistol Rack

As mentioned, the modular design of these Hyskore racks makes it easy to combine two racks, or shorten one. If that 12 isn’t big enough, buy it and a three gun rack. Run to your local hardware store for a couple pieces of 3/16″ all-thread, some washers, and locknuts. String them all together for a 15 gun rack. There’s not really a limit to how many you could string together, although my guess is 24 would be the practical limit. And that’s assuming your safe or storage area could accommodate that width.

Organization in and out of the safe

For purposes of this review, I tried the Hyskore racks with a variety of handguns. They ranged from .22 revolvers to magnum centerfire revolvers. And from a tiny .22 semi auto to full size 9mm pistols. And even the ridiculously oversized KelTec CP33, which is a .22 bigger than most 9mm competition pistols. There were pistols with thumb rests, optics, and muzzle devices. Everything fit. The only pistol that did not fit was one with large laminated wood target grips that have a thumb ledge. It was simply too wide at the grip end.

Hyskore's Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack makes a great range accessory too
Hyskore’s Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack makes a great range accessory too

While at the range, I brought along the six gun rack. We generally have a half dozen or so rimfire pistols for people to try. And the rack kept them all upright, actions open, on the slick table top. Really, I wish I had thought of this sooner. It’s both safer for the shooters, and I worry less about guns getting scratched or knocked off the table. This may not be an application that a lot of people would use, but it’s been great for me.

More info

These Hyskore modular racks are a great way to organize your safe. I was using a wire rack, which held less pistols, and they flopped over. It was not at all ideal. Now I am able to store more pistols in less space. And they are more securely in place, while not contacting other pistols. I’m not obsessive about scratches, but some of the competition rimfire guns have a lot of anodized aluminum that is subject to wear. And the racks provide an extra level of protection.

Since this is June, I should also mention that these racks make a great Father’s Day gift. Dad doesn’t want a tie (does anyone still wear them?) or even a coffee mug. But something like this, to organize his handgun collection? Yeah, you can’t go wrong with these. And they are priced right. You can find them at Cabela’s, Midway USA, Sportsman’s Guide, and the NRA store. If you’re too busy to shop in person, buy direct from Hyskore via Amazon. Currently, the six gun rack is 26.99, and the twelve gun rack is $38.99. Don’t forget to visit to check out the rest of their racks and shooting gear.

I’d like to thank Hyskore for providing their modular racks for our testing and evaluation. These are quality products at reasonable prices. And they’ve helped organize and protect my handguns while in storage and at the range.

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