SKS Sub 40 and Puro pumps

One of the people I had a chance to visit with was Willo Blome, Managing Director of SKS Germany.

As someone who has commuted in the rain, I have more than a passing appreciation for one of their best known products – mudguards. But meeting Willo offered an opportunity to learn a bit more about some of their other products, such as the Sub 40 and Puro pumps. I’m sure I was the about the 1,000th person that he spoke with at Interbike, yet he had more energy and enthusiasm than you could ever imagine. As he demonstrated the features of the pumps, it became quite apparent that their decision to design and build their pumps in Germany is not only a matter of pride, but a matter of passion.

The Sub 40 weighs 39 grams, hence the name. It has a presta head and promises to deliver just over 140psi. Given their obsession with quality, I don’t doubt that it will deliver the goods.

The Puro, with its carbon fiber tube, it quite pleasing to the eye. It sports a built in presta head, and an innovative gauge that reads up to its 144psi max. The gauge itself is actually built into the internal rod that the piston is connected to. Not only does this make for a very clean design, but it keeps all the moving parts protected from dirt.

Check their website for more information on the rest of their pumps, as well as mudguards and award-winning tools. Hopefully, you’ll see a couple of product reviews here in the future.

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ron george

having cf in the pump is kinda ridiculous, cost to benefit high


Maybe . . . but it would blend in neatlly on our c/f Zonatandem!

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