Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair

Credit the creative minds at Slumberjack for coming up with the clever name for this chair. It describes it perfectly, and leaves nothing to the imagination. At 25 inches wide by 21 inches deep, it’s a big chair. Standing a proud 39 inches at the top of the backrest, it’s certainly tall. And weighing in at a somewhat portly 13 pounds, it’s most definitely steel. But it’s the little features not covered in the name that separate this bad boy of barbecues and campfires from the competition.

Slumberjack Big Tall Steel Chair

Heavy duty 600D polyester is 100% PVC, durable, and pretty comfortable too. It graces the seating area and backrest, as well as the padded arm rests and even a flip-down foot rest. The rusty water shade of brown is a nice contrast to the lightly textured powder coated finish, which is flat black. And all that steel bestows upon it a weight capacity of 325 pounds, which is more than enough for the average outdoors enthusiast. On closer inspection, we found all the fasteners to be tight, hinges solid, and a complete absence of sharp edges. If there was one area that let us down a bit, it was the finishing on the stitching. While there are two rows of stitching where it really counts, there was more loose thread than we’d like to see. But that doesn’t really affect performance or comfort in any way, and no one besides your dog should be sniffing around that close to the back of your chair anyway. At least, we hope no one does.

Slumberjack also makes a Big Steel Chair, but the Big Tall Steel Chair is the way to go. Sit in this chair, up above everyone else, and there’s no question who is the boss. (When she wasn’t around, I sat in it too) In all seriousness, it does lend a certain air of authority to take up such a commanding position in what is essentially an all-weather director’s chair. During our July 4th festivities, the Big Tall Steel Chair was a favorite of everyone who tried it. As I sat in it, doling out the small fireworks to my neighbor’s kids, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in charge. Of course, had the police shown up and questioned the legality of any of our fireworks, I’d have quickly taken up a position on the lawn with the other guests. But I digress. Padded arm rests and the folding foot rest really do add a bit of luxury. Which is why I found it odd that there was no drink holder. Stick one on the left arm, a fishing rod holder on the right, and I’ve found my perfect summer hangout.

Despite the minor oversight regarding the beverage retention, this is still a great chair.  The only other issue we found was that it takes a bit of muscle (and practice) to fold up. But with a bit of use and familiarity, that shouldn’t be a problem. When folded, it’s pretty flat too, making it easy to store in a closet at home, or transport in a trunk packed full of camping gear. Due to the height, I’m sure some people will find it necessary to carry it by the legs instead of the arm rest, and that’s a good call, since it’s actually easier to balance, and more comfortable that way. As someone who doesn’t mind paying a bit extra for quality, I think this chair is a good value. It’s definitely built for some heavy use, and should provide a long service life. And you get to be the boss in it.

– Brian

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