Smelly Proof

Smelly Proof Storage Bags
Smelly Proof Storage Bags

Back in September, we checked out Smelly Proof bags. This company makes a line of storage bags that are medical grade, durable, reusable, and indispensable to the outdoor enthusiast. After testing a variety of sizes, I’d gladly declare them to be one of our top ten “must have” items that we’ve seen this year, simply because they have a ton of uses.

First off, Smelly Proof storage bags are far and away tougher than what you will find at your local grocery store. They are made to last, and can even be washed and used again. But let’s look at some of the things you might put in them. Cyclists, runners, and other athletes are used to having a stinky gym bag. It doesn’t have to be that way. Smelly Proof makes small bags for your socks, and large ones for the rest of your kit. Campers looking to keep items fresh, dry, and waterproof can zip them into Smelly Proof bags before packing them up. And you can pack your trash back out, without the worry of smells. At home, all those holiday leftovers can go back in the fridge, in less space than containers take up. That pungent cheese, or even fish won’t stink up the fridge.My phone’s touch screen still works great when sealed in one while out in bad weather, and we pack all our toiletries in them when going away for the weekend. There are probably hundreds of more uses.

Nexus 5 In A Smelly Proof Storage Bag
Nexus 5 In A Smelly Proof Storage Bag

One of our testers pointed out that the Smelly Proof bags are ideal for boiling food in. Crack a couple of eggs into one, add some seasoning, carefully remove the air as you seal it, and place it in your boiling water for about 13 minutes. Or just store your dry ingredients such as oatmeal in one, and add hot water for an almost instant meal. Which brings us to emergency storage. Smelly Proof storage bags are ideal for storing your food and other essentials (you did remember to store toilet paper, right?), over long periods of time. Easy to label, and again, they don’t take up as much room as containers. Ideally, I would put my stuff in bags, and place several bags inside larger containers for the most protection.

No matter how we used them, the contents of the bags stayed dry, and no smells (good or bad, we even used fresh cookies in one test) escaped. We could spend weeks devising new tests, but we’re pretty sure the results will always come out the same. So head over to, check out the different sizes, which are available in packs ranging from 10 to 100+, and order some for your gear, your camping packs, or your kitchen. And feel free to share how you used them in the comments section below.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the Smelly Proof Storage Bags for free from Smelly Proof in consideration for review publication.

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